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Unresolved paging My_Precious

Dec 6, 2007

    1. Olga:

      I participated in the Dollflower group order earlier this year and you were going to give me a postage total in October.. could you please update me on this? :sweat

      Thank you!
    2. http://www.denofangels.com/forums/sh...d.php?t=130298

      According to her comments up until the 25th of October, the eyes had all arrived and she was shipping them all out that week. Since then, myself and at least three other people have not received our eyes, have had no return contact, and are starting to get worried.

      Some people, however, did receive their eyes in October and mid-November, even though there was no further contact. Myself and My_Precious are both listed as living in the states, so I can't see shipping time taking this long.

      I've attempted bumping the thread, emailing her, PMing, and filing a claim with Paypal for the shipping (it's already too late to file a claim for the cost of the eyes).

      If there's any advice anyone can give, I'd really appreciate it. I'm not trying to harass her, and I hope she's doing well, but I paid about $80 for the eyes and if they're lost in the mail, there's only so much time to file a loss claim.

      Thank you for looking, and if you're in the same boat as me on this, please comment!

    3. krambear posted a similar thread here.

      Good luck, I hope you manage to get in contact with her! It's strange that she would ship out only some eyes and not others though.
    4. I haven't received my eyes, either. I've tried emailing and PMing Olga with no luck. As far as I know, there are four of us that haven't received our eyes...

      If anyone knows anything about Olga or if anything has happened to her, please let us know.

      Also, if anyone has her last name, we might be able to contact her via phone or something... Any help would be great.
    5. Bumping up in hopes that someone may have some info...
    6. Please do not post personal contact information publicly. If necessary, send to participants via PMs. Also, please do not comment unless you are directly involved with the situation. Thanks!
    7. Bumping this up...
    8. Bumping this. We're still keeping our fingers crossed. If you can't post contact info here and you have it, please PM me. Thanks!
    9. Well, we're back at square one. The info we thought might get us somewhere turned out to be duds on both ends.

      Bump, in hopes someone else has any information.
    10. Bumping this. No word.
    11. Because I can't edit my previous reply, I just want to add that sabashii attempted to contact the numbers we found for Olga in Chicago, but both of them were a bust.

      Should a police report be filed? As far as I know, four people have not received their eyes, and that should be over $400 worth of merchandise unaccounted for. I'm not sure how these things are done...
    12. Bump because I would also like to know how we should go about this. Since we all sent money, we don't have any contact info for Olga through Paypal, not even an address to mail a question too. As timchener said, I called both numbers but they were answered by men who told me I had a wrong number. I'm willing to try any leads anyone has.

      It's very sad and disappointing not to know where the eyes are, and to see my girl everyday incomplete.

    13. *****

      I am willing to offer a $25 reward for any information that leads to my actually getting in touch with Olga.


      Please do not offer false leads. I will only pay the reward once I am in contact with her, but you have my word you would receive it.
    14. Bump... still no news. :\
    15. Nothing on my part either. Thanks to some helpful people, we have her phone number and she does state her name on the voicemail, but still no response from her.
    16. Maybe we need to bomb her voicemail with messages. >_>; This is getting silly.
    17. Well, I left her a voicemail, and if I can get a free moment today, I'm going to try calling her work, too.

      I just want our eyes.
    18. Left my second voicemail today. I'm not going to call more than once a day, don't want to sound like stalking. We only have a po box from her, but do we have enough information to file a police report in Illinois? Does anyone know how to go about doing it?

      File a Police Report in Chicago.
      • Call 815-364-3933 to be connected to the Chicago Police Department.
      • Once a police report has been made, a detective will be assigned to your case.
      • View tips on filing a police report at www.ftc.gov.
      Does anyone know if we should proceed with this individually, or should it be as a group since the total money lost is more?
    20. I would say as a group, because individually, we were all limited to one pair of eyes, correct? I think it'd be best to go in as a group, that way we can let them know the total money outstanding.

      Maybe if anything, we could at least get our money back. :\