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Sep 4, 2009

    1. I've never done this before, and I really don't want to do it.. but I don't know what I'm meant to do in this situation.

      My zaoll luv twins arrived at my home on the 9th of July. I shipped them off to Naiara, to be sanded, have their blushing and faceups done on the 10th, same month.
      It hit the one month mark, and I asked for an update, she said she wasn't done with sanding the body, so I left her to it.

      She told everyone she was being taken to hospital on the 20th of August. She said she still had internet access.
      She's had my dolls for nearly two months, and she hasn't updated the thread in nearly two weeks. Nor will she reply to any message or email I've sent her. She's been online on her DeviantArt, but wont reply to the note I left on there for her.
      I don't see why she wont give us an update, or reply to any of my messages. I didn't know what else to do.
    2. Naiara has two of my heads, and unfortunately I am not able to get in contact with her as well.

      7/13 Naiara PMed me back about the DIM head I wanted to send her. I sent it sometime after she gave me her address on 7/20.
      I didn't get a reply from her saying that she received the head, but a little while later I saw that she received and sealed a DIM, so I PMed her on 8/5 and asked her if that was my head that she received. 8/6 she replied and said he arrived in perfect state. Since my other boy needed a faceup as well, I PMed her on 8/8 and asked if she would be willing to paint another one of my boys' heads.

      On 8/10 she replied and said she would be fine with painting another head (she would ship them out at the same time) so I sent it out, as well as PMing the faceup info. After this, she mentioned that she's in the hospital, so I didn't bother her about my heads. 8/16, I PMed her asking if I could see a picture of my DIM, since she said in an earlier PM that she was as good as finished with him and was going to charge her camera and take pictures.

      on 8/20, she posted on her thread some pictures of finished faceups and my Crobidoll Lance was finished. I wanted a little change to it, so I PMed her that day about it. This is when she said she had to go to the hospital, so I didn't want to bother her, however she said she did take her laptop. I didn't get a reply, so on 8/24 I asked for an update. She didn't reply.

      I really didn't want to post this, and I know that she's not in the best health, but I would like at least an update from her, and she hasn't been online since 8/23 and I'm beginning to stress a bit. *_*
    3. Just adding that she has my Pixydoll Sevy head, I got photos of him when she posted the bunch in the thread and sent her a few modifications that I'd like done.

      I'm not stressing as much, however, since I have a feeling that she must be pretty seriously ill- and it seems like even if she isn't updating statuses she seems to be doing work on the heads that she has when she can.
    4. Naiara was last on the forum 23AUG. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    5. No contact has been made yet from Naiara, but someone has been on her DA since.
    6. Naiara has 1 head of mine. Iplehouse Luo.
      She updated me on the 20th of August. I gave her some edits and asked for her paypal. Since she wanted to ship him as soon as he is finished.
      She wrote afterwards she has to go to hospital.
      No news ever since.
      I'm worried she is seriously ill.
    7. Just adding that Naiara has my tan Supia Rosy head. I'm not only worried about my doll (because it's a tan doll, if something bad happens and I end up never getting my head back- I can't use nor sell the body), but I'm mostly worried that something really bad has happened to her. Because if she is still in the hospital by now, it must be quite serious. I know a bit about medicine, and my head is racing with all sorts of wild, scary speculations. I hope none of them is true, and that she'll quickly log on and let us know everything is okay :(.
    8. I hate to do this as well, but I too have an unfinished transaction withi Naiara, since April!

      I bought her modified sleepy Narsha and sent the complete payment around April 10th (I don't remember the exact date but I have it on paypal). There were several issues with delay, tracking number, etc. but the most important is when I received the doll (in very late April):

      1) faceup was not same color/quality as the pictures shown in the selling thread
      2) Narsha's package was really poor, no protective mask for the faceup, a very small amount of bubble wrap, the doll was free to move in the brown box etc.
      3) eyelashes were in really bad shape. In fact, Naiara told me after the doll was sent that I'd probably have to change them...
      4) The blushing on hands and feet was greatly altered
      5) There was dirts/discolorations incrusted in the resin in several places (most in hands, head and feet). I believe those were due to the bad wrapping. The box probably scratched these areas. It was actually a miracle that the doll only had small damages.

      So I sent a message to Naiara about this and I must admit she was really nice all the time, she seems to be a good person.

      We made an arrangement, I sent back the head, feet and hands and she was supposed to remove the incrusted dirts, clean the parts and redo the manicure and pedicure. Also, she was sorry about the faceup and offered to make a custom new one for me.
      She received everything early June and since then I am waiting.

      Everytime I write her for an update she give me some excuses to explain why she didn't have time to finish yet, that she has some faceups to finish before, etc. etc. etc.
      In her last reply on July 24th, she told me she finished the faceup and manicure and that she had to make 5 faceup for her customers before the pedicure. I sent her another PM on August 24th.

      I hope she will be able to come on DOA soon to bring good news for her health and for our transaction!

      Naiara if you read this, please contact me, I'm sure you are a great person but I have been really understanding and patient and now I feel it's been too long. It's unacceptable that I still have not my dolls parts after more than 4 months.

      I'm really sorry and sad that I had to write publicly in this thread but I hope it will be usefull.
    9. Someone has given me another email address to try for Naiara. Apparently she's been online on MSN the past couple days with this address, so hopefully she'll get this one.

      If anyone wants to add her on MSN, or also send emails please PM me for her address.
    10. Now I'm getting kinda worried... If she logged on to MSN, why couldn't she at least post us a little update so we know she and our dolls are okay?
    11. A friend called her today,,

      She isn't in the hospital, (only been there for a few tests) so thats a good thing..However she has been ill and just not feeling well lately :s Don't know much more than this so you'll just have to wait for an update from Nai I guess
    12. Thank you :). I hate to write what I'm about to write, because I like Naiara and her work and I hate to be a nag. But I'm growing more and more anxious about this as the days and "evidence" go by, so I feel like I have to get this off my chest...
      Perhaps you could ask her friend to tell her that people here are anxiously waiting for a word from her, so she may try and get online to just drop us a line? I just want to know I will be getting my girl back. I really do understand her condition, and she gets all of my sympathy- I've had my share of health problems and I know how rough it can be. But I also know that you can usualy find a couple of minutes to get online, or at least get someone to send a message on her behalf if she can't. She has dolls or doll parts worth many hundreds of dollars, and when such a lack of communication occurs people get really anxious, and I think that for a good reason, too. Handling such expensive goods comes with a certain responsibility, even when times are very rough. Even if said possibility is letting someone else whom she trusts handle things for her, or at least write a couple of sentences to calm everyone down. I know that I will totally understand even if she came online and said that she won't be sending any of the dolls out until she feels better, but I just want to hear *something*, because by now I'm really stressed out over this. There has been some really unpleasant cases in the past when faceup artist just disappeared with their customers' dolls, and while I highly doubt that this is the case (I've had another one of my dolls painted by Naiara previously, and it all went well), this lack of communication (especially when we now know that she managed to get online for other stuff) really worries me, and I'm sure that many of her other customers as well, because if she isn't in the hospital and does get online- I don't really see any good reason to disappear like this and to be so totally uncommunicative. I don't even care about the faceup anymore, I just want to pay what I owe her and have my girl back at home asap. I just wanna know what's going on and be sure that I'll be getting my girl back, because I have a doll worth $800 at stake (and that's without the great sentimental value I have for this doll). We all worry about Naiara and want her to feel well. I wish she realized how being left to hang in the air like this makes us feel bad as well. I understand if she can't come online, but I do not understand why she doesn't even ask someone to give us a message regarding our stuff on her behalf (as we can now see she does have friends who have access to people from the BJD community).
    13. I have her MSN address, if anyone wants to add her and see if she'll tell them what's happening.
      She wont even answer my emails, so I'm not if she'll add me back..
    14. Unfortunately, I've lost hope that she'll reply. It seems like she hasn't been replying via any other means, so I doubt it if she'll answer via MSN :(. The only hope I have atm is that maybe her friend, who so far has been the only one who managed to actually get in touch with her, could make her understand that she should really start communicating again, even if just a little...
    15. Thanks for the update, SchwarzStein, though as Starla has said, perhaps you'd be able to pass along the message that it'd be appreciated if she can give us a quick update here on DOA with how things are?

      Has it even been confirmed that she has been on MSN or DA since she's been offline?
    16. I can't say who has been going on her DA, but a friend of hers has told me she's been on MSN in the past couple of days.
    17. Someone has been on her DA page. Obviously, we can't really tell whether it was her or someone else who logged in from her account...
    18. It would at least be nice if we knew she was even reading the messages we've been sending her... maybe there's some way we can check to see if she's even been reading them? I think someone needs to ask her in person, or through the phone or something because I don't think trying to communicate through the web will get anywhere. Is there any way someone can do this?
    19. Today I tried to add her on MSN and to send her an email. I'm also getting more nervous about this situation now that she has been online and did not come on DOA...
    20. I also added her on MSN, and sent her an email with the new address I have.. No luck.
      I don't really know what to do next.. :(