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Paging nainaijie - RESOLVED

Dec 29, 2008

    1. I bought a head from nainaijie 9 days ago and since i made the payment she hasn't logged in on replied my pm confiming payment or with any updates on my purchase. Her thread hasn't been updated either and still shows the Lust Howl head as on hold.

      Because i'm away on holidays from tomorrow and wont be back until January, i opened a dispute through paypal to be safe.

      I am still interested on the head, but keeping me in the dark for over a week makes me uneasy.

      Thank you,
    2. Nothing yet. I'm back from holidays and i haven't heard a thing. I messaged nainaijie through paypal again today.
    3. Problem solved. Nainaijie went on holidays and couldn't get in touch. The dispute was closed and the head arrived.

      Please close.