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Paging nakitama - RESOLVED

Mar 27, 2009

    1. Hi all, I'm facing an unresolved transaction with DoA user nakitama regarding a Dollheart Black Sakura Dress I bought from her on 01-29-2009.

      It is now coming to 2 months and I have yet to receive my item :(

      Firstly, nakitama did not take the initiative to inform me whether my item has been sent out or not.

      It's okay that she didn't but my item didn't arrive at all so I sent her a PM on 03-05-2009 asking about my item and whether it may have been lost or something :(



      It usually takes about 2-6 weeks for an item to reach me from the US and during this period, I had bought another 2 dresses from 2 other sellers here on DoA. Both these dresses reached me within 3 weeks but there was still no news of the Dollheart Black Sakura Dress I had bought from nakitama =x

      Then I asked her whether my item was sent out via insured mail because I had asked for her to ship out my item with insurance. If she had done so, my package should be trackable.


      However there was no reply.

      I then waited for her to get back to me regarding the date she had shipped out my item and whether or not she had sent it via registered airmail but she never got back to me.

      So on 03-22-2009, I sent her another PM regarding my dress:


      Till today, there has been no reply.

      It seems that her last post was on 03-19-2009. I don't know how to check her last log-in date so this is the only information I have about her account.


      If she last made a post on 03-19-2009, why didn't she reply the PM I sent her on 03-12-2009?

      nakitama seems be a really nice person with pretty good feedback so I'm quite puzzled as to why my transaction with her has been such a bad one :(
    2. Hey Nelle! I've been having a similar problem with Nakitama. I bought a wig from her about a month ago and hadn't heard anything from her about it having been shipped. I PMed her a few times with no response.

      She DID, however, just PM me and let me know she's been having some personal troubles and that things have been a little slow. Hopefully she'll give you an update also! You may want to PM her with a link to this thread and remind her she still owes you a dress.

      Good luck!
    3. Hey there!

      She just PMed me today telling me about her personal issues as well. She's willing to give me a refund but I told her I'd still like the dress instead. I am now waiting for her reply to see if she is able to send it out. I don't mind waiting at all though ^^

      Thank you for sharing some information with me! I'm glad that to have heard from her!
    4. Hi, Signing on... I purchased a YoSD Yukata and Geta sandals set from Nakitama March 10th and have not received them yet. I've only just PM'd her about it yesterday, so hopefully I'll hear back from her soon..!

    5. Check your paypal accounts, guys. I have a pending refund for the full amount from Nakitama. I'm not sure if this means she did not ever ship my item, or she is refunding it because I never recieved it. I have yet to hear back about the status of any shipment from the PM I sent to her yesterday. I'll update when the refund goes through!
    6. I've just heard from her, yay! >huggles little Naki<
      Hang in there, and thank you!
    7. Just signing in to say I received my items!
      Nakitama had refunded me, so I re-sent the paypal too!

      I consider everything resolved on my end.

    8. I recieved my wig today! I also resent her the payment, so as far as I'm concerned this has been resolved for me.

      Any word on your dress, Nelle?
    9. Hi all!

      I was overseas for a week so I couldn't check my PMs and stuff but I'm glad to say that my dressed arrived this morning! ^^

      Nakitama also refunded me the full amount and asked me to transfer to her the price of the dress excluding the shipping fee when I received it ^^

      She also sent my item out via EMS!

      I'm glad that the rest of you got your items ^^

      Case resolved!

      P.S Does anyone know which Mod do I pm to to remove nakitama from the paging list? @_@