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Paging NaruSasu - RESOLVED

Mar 16, 2010

    1. I didn't want to have to do this, and I have never done this before, but I ordered an outfit from NaruSasu months ago and have still not received anything.

      I don't remember the exact date that I ordered, because I had cleared out my mailbox. On January 18th, she pm'd me to let me know they were almost finished, after I questioned her. Then on 2-15 she told me the clothes were finished and due to the holiday she would ship within a few days. Then on 2-25, after being questioned again, she said that she never sent them and that she would send them the next day. I still don't have my clothes and when I tried to pm her today, it said that her box was full...so I don't know what else to do.
    2. Update...I found the date. I paid for my order on 12/29/09.
    3. NaruSasu was last on the forum yesterday. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    4. Oh my....
      I`m so sorry for all the mess.
      When I log in today I saw your PM and the system told me "you are being paged due to a Marketplace transaction!" the same time

      My mail box is full these days and I did not clear it proptly because I could not log in everyday during these 3 months.
      I`m starting my new job now and keep very busy during the probationary periodT-T(wake up at 6 and arrive home after 7...ususlly go to bed after have lunck and have a bathT-T)

      Now I`m in the office to reply and could not do anything to check the order(I`m new in my office and did not have my own cumputer at present.)
      I`ll PM you when I arrive home tonight.

      Really so so sorry again.
      With deeply and sincerely apologies.
    5. I received a pm that contained the same message as above, however there was no follow-up pm. I still do not know when and if the package was shipped or if it did where it is.
    6. Shortly after posting the above, I received a pm...by accident the items have not shipped yet. She will let me know the shipping date and tracking number once they have shipped. I will update again once I know more
    7. Items have arrived in perfect condition and very well made. Transaction is resolved. Thanks.