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May 20, 2010

    1. I made an order with NaruSasu for a pair of pants custom made for Zaolls. The whole transaction went well until after payment. For weeks she vanished and never said a word on the thread or to my PMs until March came by. She said her job was stressful but would have time to work on the pants that week. There was no reply after that, so the month after that I tried again. It was in that April 17th message that she promised that everything would be shipped the end of the month. It is now May 20th and still no reply from her or in her shop. She did post this the last day she was on:

      “New orders will NOT accept from today(17th April) to about 31th May.(those who have PMed me befor today are not included,I`ll reply your PMs in today and tomorrow
      And Old orders will all ship out with little gift in about the end of this month(April).(deeply apologies for bring you inconvience and thanks so much for your patience again”

      “Besides,I`ll not at home from 20th-25th this month(April), So could NOT reply your PMs during this period.”

      I know that NaruSasu has been busy with work and all, but she has not even been online since April 18th. I’m very worried about my order and I think I’ve been patient enough about the whole deal.
    2. I'm in the same boat at icepixical. I ordered and paid for an outfit on February 14th from NaruSasu. She let me know she received payment shortly afterwards. After that it was a month or so that went by. A different paging thread opened up about her, so I PMed her then asking about the thread, and she said the items would be shipped at the end of April with a little gift for all those kept waiting so long since her new job was taking up a ton of her time. I accepted this, and haven't heard from her since. Its been over three months waiting here, and I sent her over $100. I've been dying to ask her about the items, but she hasn't been online in a month.

      Like icepixical, I'm worried. I'd rather not be out $100+ in this economy.
    3. NaruSasu was last on the forum 18APR. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated.
    4. I placed an order January 6th and paid about 100$ as well. After I noticed the other paging thread, I sent her a PM in March, to which I got a response that claimed that:

      "I think your clothes have already shipped out in last week^^(I`ll confirm when I back home>< now I`m in the office)
      They should arrive in about 15-30 days."

      I have yet to receive any package or updates.
    5. Just wanted to let those involved know that I looked up her email from the transacion on Paypal and sent her an email. I'm hoping she receives it and clears some things up a little bit...:(
    6. I ordered a few clothes from NaruSasu in early February and have yet to receive any packages. I already paid a total of $89, but still no news from her. At first, she still came online and replied to my messages. Then she disappeared for a while, and came back again telling me that her first job was very taxing(as icepixical had mentioned). On March 22, she replied to my PM saying that the clothes were still not done. So I continued to wait... My last contact with her was on 2nd April when she said, "The clothes could ship out in about the middle of this month^^" So I waited... Up till now, I have not received any packages from her.
    7. Does anyone else have any information on how to get ahold of NaruSasu? The email I tried from my Paypal transaction with her has still not yielded any results...I'm no longer worried so much as just incredibly pissed off.
    8. Bumping this up. Anyone heard anything? D:
    9. No, nothing yet... I don't think anyone else really has any of her personal emails.
    10. Yeah, I think we're all pretty much just out a good deal of money at this point. :(