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Resolved paging nbluju - RESOLVED

Mar 5, 2012

    1. well i sent two of my MSD heads to nbluju to get new faceups because she did one of my other msd heads and the faceup was gorgeous so i wanted her to give all of my babies new faces!

      i paid her for the faceups and the shipping to send them home in advance!

      the whole time she sent me updates every few days with tons of pictures and constantly making sure i was happy with it every step of the way until suddenly a month ago she just seemed to stop talking...

      i sent her a PM after three weeks of not hearing from her and its been a week since then and ive heard no word...

      i know that right before she stopped sending updates she joined an eye swap that i joined also and so i know that just after she stopped updating she still shipped her partner her eyes...

      i sent her a letter today in the mail in ase something has happened to her computer mabey?

      i honestly trust her and i really think something is wrong... when i sent her my other boy's head for a faceup she did it completely free and his faceup was gorgeous and she was just as diligent about sending constant updates as she was about these boys until about a month ago when communication stopped...

      im really just worried about not hearing from her in so long... mabey im being a worrysome for no reason but im just missing my boy so bad and since i havent even had a response to my PM im really just hopeing its a matter of her computer broke and if thats the case i should get a response from my letter i hope...

      shes an amazing faeup artist and i trust her but i really just want to hear everythings ok!
    2. nbluju was last on the forum yesterday. She is now Being Paged.
    3. ok... ive sent her an e-mail and a postal letter... even if its just a message saying "sorry ive been busy" thats ok im just worried that she didnt answer any of my PMs!
    4. hooray i finally heard from her via e-mail! she sent me updates on my boys and ot only are they gorgeous but it looks like everythings ok! i guess she just got a little backed up is all, and i being paranoid assumed the worst and i guess jumped the gun by not waiting to see if she would respond to either the e-mail or postal letter before having her paged!