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Paging needles_and_spikes - RESOLVED

Nov 2, 2008

    1. Hi,

      I'm waiting on a Lishe head from needles_and_spikes. She has been awesome throughout the transaction but I haven't heard any word from her since the payment went through on the 20th of October.

      The last PM I received was on the 20th stating that the head would be posted by Thursday (the 23rd). I paid for express post which meant I should have received it on Friday the 24th. Giving the benefit of the doubt, I assumed perhaps she meant Thursday the 30th, but no sign of it since.

      The last PM I sent was on the 30th asking for shipping details. She doesn't appear to have been online since the 23rd of October. If anyone knows her, I'd appreciate it if there's some way I could get into contact with her!

    2. I have just received a PM from needles_and_spikes that the wrong address was written on the package and it was returned to her. She will send it out again tomorrow~ :)
    3. I still have not received the head, which at last contact was meant to be sent last Thursday (max 2 days via express post within Australia). From what I understand:-

      9th Oct - Payment transfered and debited from account.
      20th Oct - Was informed that payment went through (?)
      23rd Oct - Was told that it would be sent out today.

      No contact till the 5th Nov after this paging thread was put up. Events as I was told are as follows:-

      27th Oct - Head returned to needles_and_spikes due to wrong address written on package.

      I was then told that it would be resent on the 6th November, last Thursday. It's the 10th of November, a month now since I transfered payment which is really a long while to wait especially for a transaction within the same country.

      Needles_and_spikes has been very polite and apologetic so far whenever contact was made but the long periods of silence are disconcerting. Especially when the package was returned but she did not contact me till a week and a half later nor did she resend it.

      I really don't mind if the head is sent late or there are problems with postage, but I'd rather be informed about it from the start and through the process. Please get into contact with me!!
    4. Still no contact or package so far. I'd like to add that if anyone knows her personally, please ask her to get online and in contact. Alternatively, if anyone has other contact info for needles_and_spikes, please let me know. Any help is greatly appreciated!
    5. I noticed that needles_and_spikes was online last night but I have not received any contact from her despite her being on paged status. To reiterate, this transaction was begun over a month ago and I still have not received the head I paid for. Any information/contact would be much appreciated!
    6. I'm sorry I don't get on here often and didn't realise the head had not arrived, and seeing into now, I'm so sorry.
    7. Update:-

      I have managed to contact needles_and_spikes on another forum she visits more often than DoA.

      I was assured that the package was sent out but still have not received any information on exactly what date it was sent despite my repeating the question in several PMs.

      As she has stated PC crashes (an issue she seems to have had in the past as well according to a previous paging thread) and not being on DoA often being reasons for lack of contact, I have also requested a phone number with which I can contact her. However, as before, I have not received any reply on this.

      Also, if you see this, please DO read your PMs when you come online. I've noticed that you were online after I sent the PMs and after being put on paged status which would make it extremely difficult to miss my messages and thread.

      That said, at least I have had some contact with her and hopefully this transaction will be completed soon without further delay.
    8. Further update:-

      I have received a mobile number and MSN contact from needles_and_spikes.

      I have a couple of dates as well but am fairly confused about them. She informed me that the parcel was sent on the 13th, but to the wrong person; a friend. The friend then sent the parcel back which she then received on the 10th Nov. I received a PM on the 11th, and the parcel was resent on the 14th Nov.

      After rereading it, it can't be the 13th of October as I received a PM on the 20th October informing me that she was going to send out the parcel soon. Also, in a previous PM on the 5th November, I was told that the head arrived back to her on the 27th October and she would resend it asap.

      Hopefully, if it has been resent on the 14th as she said in the latest PM, I should get it today or tomorrow. Unfortunately, her PM inbox on the other forum is full and I cannot send her anymore messages there till she clears them.
    9. as soon as I got on I pmed you... you told me today that you got the pm.
      that was the message I sent on the 11th?
    10. I posted that message you quoted at 1.13AM on the 15th, because I noticed you were online on the night of the 14th but had not replied to my previous messages or the paging.

      The message I received after that was on the 11th at 10.10AM after the paging thread was updated. Hope that clears up the message.

    11. My mistake, the message was received on the 15th of November at 10.10AM, after the paging thread was updated.
    12. I've reread this several times now to get it clear and have figured out where the problem is. In the message posted today, the 17th of November at 11.44AM, I state:-

      "I have a couple of dates as well but am fairly confused about them. She informed me that the parcel was sent on the 13th, but to the wrong person; a friend. The friend then sent the parcel back which she then received on the 10th Nov. I received a PM on the 11th, and the parcel was resent on the 14th Nov."

      This was me reiterating what you PMed me on the other forum. In my DoA inbox, I only have messages from you dated the 9th, 12th and 20th October, and the 5th, 15th and 17th November. I hope that makes it a bit clearer. There was no message received by me on the 11th of November.
    13. I have finally received the head, albeit somewhat stained, slightly chipped and sent without a facecap. Truth be told, I'm just glad this transaction is over and now consider it resolved. Thanks.