Paging needoll - RESOLVED

Mar 26, 2009

    1. Mostly all I'm hoping for here is a means to get in touch with this seller. I first expressed interest in her tan Limhwa half-elf on March 9th with the promise to put down a $500 deposit, balance to be paid within a month. Needoll agreed to sell me the doll and stated that she would allow a two-month layaway period even though I hadn't asked for it.

      I sent my downpayment on the evening of the 9th and PM'ed needoll to let her know that I had sent it; the read receipt on that PM is showing as having been read but I heard nothing from her.

      On the 23rd of March I made a second and final payment for the balance of the quoted cost of the doll and PM'ed needoll again to inform her and ask for confirmation of receipt and an estimate of shipping date. This PM is not showing as having been read.

      I have received no communication from needoll since the evening of March 9th. I tried emailing her paypal address this afternoon and got a blank message in response; I tried replying to it asking for the text to be re-sent or for needoll to get in touch with me via DoA and have heard nothing.

      At this point I am mostly concerned with getting in touch with needoll, as it seems she may be having internet troubles. With this much money in the air I'm a bit worried and just want some assurance that it was received and that there is a plan to ship the item I purchased.

      Many thanks to anyone who can provide me a means of contacting needoll.
    2. Update: I've managed to get in contact with needoll by email. Apparently she has been overseas and thus unable to access DoA. With any luck, the doll will be shipped next week. Here's hoping.
    3. Still no tracking number, nor confirmation that the doll was shipped. It's been 48 hours since I've heard anything and a day since my last PM went unread. Needoll, just in case something is going wrong with PMs, please let me know when I can expect this girl. I can't be scrabbling to find someone to sit at home waiting for her delivery when she may not even be shipped yet and it's been nearly two weeks since she was paid off.
    4. Since I can't edit the first post, I'll just put a run-down here:

      March 9th: made initial payment (larger than the minimum required downpayment for layaway) after finishing negotiations through a series of very prompt polite PMs. Got no response to my PM letting needoll know that I'd sent the money, thought that confirmation would have been nice but let it go.

      March 23rd: made final payment (sooner than originally planned for layaway but I'd indicated in PM that I would try and pay this doll off as quickly as I could), PMed needoll to let her know and asked please for confirmation that the money had been received and a tracking number when the doll shipped. Shipping was to be by EMS.

      March 25th: emailed needoll's paypal account email address in a last-ditch attempt to get a hold of her since she was not reading or replying to PM and hadn't posted on DoA since the 9th.

      March 26th: received an email reply indicating that needoll was overseas, had gotten the money and would ship the doll the following Monday or Tuesday (March 30-31).

      March 31st: no word from needoll, PMed asking if doll had been shipped and requesting a tracking number.

      April 1st: received PM from needoll saying she had been called in to work unexpectedly but had left the doll with her husband to ship and would PM me a tracking number as soon as he got home.

      April 2nd: no further communications from needoll. PMed asking after shipping and tracking number.

      April 3rd: still nothing, PMed and sent an email to the paypal email address.

      It's now the 5th of April, my last two PMs are still showing as unread, it's just about 2 weeks since I paid off my layaway and almost a week since the doll was initially promised to be shipped. I don't know what the holdup here is and possibly it's a weekend problem (though the doll was supposed to be shipped early in the week) but at no point did needoll indicate to me periods when she was going to be unavailable so I'm left to assume that I am being ignored. It's not a great feeling with this much money and a very lovely doll on the line.

      Not sure what procedure is for these paging posts but as needoll isn't being paged yet I'm going to seek out mod help now.
    5. takira ~ needoll was last on the forum 2APR, she is now Being Paged.
    6. April 6th: Was able to contact needoll by the AIM handle listed in her DoA profile; a brief discussion ensued, during which needoll expressed surprise that the doll had not arrived but could not tell me with any surety that the doll had indeed been shipped (it was, evidently, her husband's job to do so). She was very apologetic and promised to see to it that night and get me the tracking number for the package.

      April 7th: No communication (this is beginning to be unsurprising news) from needoll. Emailed and PMed again, watched AIM and either she is not online or she has me on block now.

      For the record, I have been contacted via PM by the buyer for needoll's Luna head that was in the same sales thread as the half-elf I purchased; she has also been subject to the radio silence and has not received word of her item shipping either. While I can understand that real-life can get in the way of the best of intentions, a little more clear communication would be nice. Even if the doll has NOT been shipped (which I am beginning to suspect is the case), knowing that it has not and knowing when it would go far toward restoring my confidence in this transaction.
    7. I'm the other buyer or Luna's head. My fiancee decided to buy it for me.
      The payment was divided into 2 parts and the last was made on april 1st with the promise, made by Natasha (needoll) that the head will be shipped on april 2nd. I asked her please to ship in time because the head is a present for my birthday this month and also because easter is near and I didn't want the head stuck in customs for holidays. She promised that the shipping would be on april 2nd and that she would gave me a tracking code.

      After april answers from Natasha. I wrote her several PMs because I got scared when I saw she was paging, I was worry for the transaction. I warned her and I also give her time to answer.
      I heard nothing so I opened a claim with paypal, she didn't answered there too!!

      No updates here...
    8. No news again here. Plus I've just discovered that her email address doesn't receive emails
      "Technical details of permanent failure:
      Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the recipient domain. We recommend contacting the other email provider for further information about the cause of this error. The error that the other server returned was: 550 550 Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable (state 14)."
    9. EDIT: now the email works. But still no replies received from needoll!
    10. I have been unable to be online. Both were posted 3 days ago, very sorry for delays and upset this has caused. I have sent you both emails with the tracking numbers, but I will put them here as well.
      Sarina for luna head
      ED 174 795 805 NZ

      And for Takira for the half elf.
      EE 174 089 317 NZ

      Again, thank you for your patience in being in contact with me. Several unfortunate events have occurred during this time explaining my absence from online.
      I have sent extra gifts along with your dolls, I hope this can make up for some of the inconvenience.
    11. THank you for your reply Natasha!
      I really hope the problems you had were not too bad. I hope everything will be solved soon!
      Thank you also for the tracking code.
    12. I've received the head with a present from Natasha.
      One item is missing (she promised me to send me a Petallion item but it was not included).
      Shipping was slow, a bit lack of communication, but in the end the item arrive.
      The transaction is solved for me.

      Let's wait for Takira's update then.
    13. My package arrived today from needoll: there was no shipping box, just the Limhwa box held together with masking tape, but the cushions inside were generously sized and kept the doll safe, no damage there. A present was sent with her. The wig that was promised in the original sales post was NOT included, however.

      Additionally, the label on the package states that needoll was charged $81.36 NZD to ship it, which translates to $47.42 USD by the current exchange rate (per This is less than half of the $100 USD I was charged for EMS shipping. I have sent needoll an email and a PM to ask for a refund of the difference in shipping. The missing wig would be nice but at this point I'm not really expecting it.

      For the record, none of my PMs to needoll for the past two weeks are showing as having been read (I attached read receipts to all of them), hence the simultaneous email. At this point I have no idea how best to contact this seller so I'm trying a bit of everything.

      I'm holding off leaving feedback and would ask that this thread be left up until the matter is fully resolved. I am, at least, very grateful that the doll has arrived safely.
    14. For the record (since I can't edit my post), I would still like the wig that was promised in the post--it suited her very well and as I'd been anticipating it arriving with her, I didn't buy a wig for the girl. I had understood the wig to be part of the purchase price and as such, I've paid for an item I did not receive and can't consider the transaction concluded until it has arrived or its value has been refunded.
    15. April 15: Received email from needoll, apologizing for the absence of the wig, promising to send it out the next day via EMS and also promising a refund of the shipping overage as soon as money transferred to paypal from her bank account.

      April 17: Sent email asking about EMS tracking number for the wig which was to have been sent.

      April 18: No tracking number, needoll now promising to ship the wig Monday. Still waiting for paypal to transfer money.

      April 19: Received an email from needoll, now stating that paypal will not LET her transfer money from her bank account or credit card and without this, she cannot refund the $50 she owes me for shipping, and offering to send things with the wig to try and make up the overage.

      I don't know how paypal works in all its varying account iterations but I have never had to transfer money before sending a payment; if the money isn't in paypal balance, paypal automatically takes it from your alternate funding source, whether this is a bank account or a credit card. Needless to say I'm less than thrilled with this new development, and the fact that shipping of the wig (which was supposed to be sent with the doll) has been delayed, apparently for the express purpose of avoiding a monetary refund. I have replied asking for clarification and I really do not need Things right now, I need the money I paid that has been available to needoll for the past month--and that, I imagine, has already long since been spent. I have offered to send a paypal invoice for the amount to see if this will allow payment to be sent.

      Further updates as events warrant.
    16. I have posted both items promised to both Sarina and Takira. I also sent extras along with them because I did not post express because I couldn't afford to spend $44 each on posting.
      I have sent over $100 of extras to both Sarina and Takira to make up for mistakes and delays.
      Regarding the paypal issue, as I explained to Takira, I don't understand why I can't transfer money into my NZ paypal account(only transfer out) as I could with my Australia (which is now closed because I don't live there anymore) I am looking into this and will have the money transferred to Takira by the end of the week hoping everything goes smoothly :)
      I appreciate both of you for being patient and kind to me during this time.
    17. Thank you for the shipping Natasha and for the generous extras.
      I understand about express mail for me because I undestand that $44 is too much to spend for an item that were a gift and not something I've paid. No problem, but I hope you used registered airmail as I asked you ^^
      Thanks, I will post here when I'll receive items.
    18. Hi Sarina, I asked for registered and she said that was not option and I asked for signature or tracking for airmail and she said no, so I don't know but she said airmail was 4-6days to Italy, and I put all the same details as before. If there is any problem I will make another one and send it again.

      Takira, your refund has been sent. I called the credit card company and I fees has taken up some of the amount I had to pay you so I topped it up again and it work :)

      Let me know when your things arrive.
    19. Final update!

      I did receive the partial shipping refund on April 20th. Today (April 27th) I have received the wig that was to have come with the doll, in addition to another wig and a pretty necklace.

      At this point, at least from my end, I can consider this transaction resolved and concluded. Thanks!
    20. About me, I still haven't receive anything yet. I will update the thread as soon as I'll receive the items.