Unresolved Paging NELLE

Jul 13, 2009

    1. I didn't really want to come to this but I think it's gone far out of hand and I really just want this resolved now. I've checked her feedback prior, she seems active and reliable and was fast with communication at the start so I proceeded with the transaction.

      29-03-09: I sent a pm to NELLE asking how much shipping would be for the punk top she has on sale. She replied promptly and told me she wouldn't be able to ship till the 6th April which I was fine with.

      29-03-09: I asked for non-registered international postage so I am aware of the risks, I double checked my address with her and told her I would be away till the 16th April. She said she would e-mail me when she had sent out the item.

      04-14-2009: she sent me a pm to say she could not send out the parcel and would send it out the next day.

      04-28-2009: she told me the top could take 6-8 weeks to arrive and hope it wasn't lost. Which is fair enough, although I have had things sent by regular mail from singapore and it never took longer than 3 weeks. I thought to wait a bit longer as customs are catching everything lately.

      05-25-2009: she told me the top was sent back to her and asked for my address again for confirm. I offered to repay for postage but she said she'll cover it this time. If it happens again then I'll need to cover the postage which I was perfectly fine with.

      06-10-2009: she contacted me to say the top has not shipped out yet and that she has been busy. But she would be able to ship it out the week after. I replied saying that it's okay, just let me know when it's been shipped out.

      Since then she has not replied to anymore pm's as she has not been on DoA, so I sent her an e-mail. Just wanting to know two things:

      1. If the top has been sent out or not? If it has, when was it shipped so I can have a rough estimate to when it may arrive.

      2. If the top has not been sent out, I ask for $10 back. The top was $12 and shipping was $3, so I thought $10 would be a good compromise.

      But I still have not heard any response. I've followed her link and found her blog as she has been updating regularly on her blog, so I have left a message for her on there and informed her I would be paging her on DoA over this.

      I am aware it is a very small amount of money, right now I'm not too fussed over the issue of the cost but more over the constant worrying about it. If it's been sent lost in the post then I will take full responsibility for it. If it hasn't been sent out then I am just asking for some money back as I got nothing out of this transaction. I don't want the top anymore, it was meant to be a part of a gift for a friend, but her birthday has gone and passed for a while. I just reckon it is ridiculous to have to wait 14 weeks for a top sent by airmail. She claimed the package got bounced back but between April and July, I have many packages (small and large, surface, airmail, reg the lot) coming from Asia, Europe, America arriving without a problem.

      This is by no means a negative feedback or anything, I just want to make sure she is aware when she logs in that I've ran out of patience for this transaction.
    2. NELLE is now Being Paged. She was last on the forum 13JUN.
    3. PMed Yukihotaru on 8th August 2009. Awaiting reply.
    4. 08-08-2009: I have not received any pm's by NELLE, please either send again or please send an e-mail. I will pm you my e-mail again if you have lost it.

      This is a screenshot of my inbox for today, I have not deleted any messages from NELLE, I keep all my messages in an open transaction till I have finished and given feedback: http://i228.photobucket.com/albums/ee97/yukihotaru921/layaway screencaps/pmscreencap080809.jpg

      I have also sent her an e-mail directly again at three separate e-mails that I have received by her, her paypal address and the e-mail stated on her account.

      Re leaving a message on her blog a month or so back: The message was deleted but I have a screencap that I did leave it. It means she did indeed see my message and had deleted it.

      I await for her reply on this.
    5. Any resolution in this situation?
    6. Re Zagzagael: no there hasn't been any resolution to the situation. I never got an e-mail nor pm since NELLE claimed to have sent one. I've tried sending e-mails already but some bounced back and others had been ignored.