Oct 12, 2009

    1. I was really (really, really!) hoping not to have to do this, but I'm not sure how else to put this transaction to rest. This is the timeline:

      August 9: I paid nena $23 for a pair of Souldoll shoes on her FS thread.

      August 9: nena PMmed me and said that she planned to ship the shoes "on Monday" (I took that to mean the next day, Monday the 10th).

      I've had several good transactions with nena, so I didn't think about the shoes again for some time. After a month had passed, though, I realized that nena's package had never arrived. (This was a domestic package, BTW--nena and I are both in the US.)

      September 14: I PMmed nena to let her know that the shoes never reached me. I asked her to give me a tracking number or even a mailing receipt number, so that I could try to hunt down the package through my local post office.

      September 17: I re-sent the PM, because I hadn't received any answer by then.

      September 18: nena replied to my PM, saying that she would look for the mailing receipt the next day.

      September 22: After getting no followup message from nena, I PMmed again to ask whether she had been able to find the receipt.

      September 26: nena replied to my PM. She said that she thought she had already PMmed me, and also apologized for being slow to answer; she told me that she couldn't find the receipt, but was trying to learn from her post office whether she could still file a claim for an undelivered package. In that September 26 PM, she wrote, "If the package doesn't show by next week or I can't produce the receipt I will refund you entirely because I can't prove it was shipped to file a proper claim for it :\ I'm very sorry, but I still have some hope you will get it or it will be returned to me."

      September 26: I replied to nena's PM the same day, saying that if the package was lost, I wouldn't expect a full refund--because I don't think it's fair for the seller to lose both the item and the money--but that I would appreciate a 50% refund. Nena didn't reply.

      October 4: I PMmed nena to tell her that the shoes still hadn't arrived, and that I thought it was time to give up expecting them to turn up. Nena didn’t reply.

      October 6: I re-sent the PM that evening with a read receipt, because I wanted to be sure that nena received it.

      October 12: as I type this post, the read receipt is still unconfirmed, and I haven't had any communication from nena since her PM on September 26.

      At this point, the money isn't the real issue for me; I'm much more concerned about nena's inaction and unresponsiveness than about the few dollars involved. Packages get lost now and then--it's just a piece of bad luck. But when bad luck happens, I do expect sellers to communicate promptly with buyers, and work out a timely resolution. I hope nena isn't ill or facing some other major life issue! I've been hesitating to post this because I don't want to hassle her if she's in trouble somehow. But I just don't have the time to keep this unlucky little transaction on my radar, and I think it would be better for both nena and me if we could put an end to it now.

      Mods, for a resolution, I would appreciate receiving the 50% refund, in the same form as my original August 9 payment--and if the package should turn up after all, of course I will return the $11.50 to nena immediately. If it isn't unreasonable to ask this, I would also appreciate knowing when nena mailed the package in the first place.

    2. nena was last on the forum 3OCT. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    3. Thank you -- I will!
    4. It's been a week since I posted this thread; I haven't had any communication from nena. The last I heard from her was on September 26, three weeks ago.

      I hope she's all right, because it doesn't seem like her to go this long without any contact. (Especially since she knew the package was missing, and asked me to update her in a week.)
    5. I didn't see this thread, as I was about to page Nena too.

      Exactly the same senario as with Cynthia in FlintHills.

      I purchased WHITE Midnight Party Rose cork heels for SD/SD13 girls( 29/07/09)- As we live in different Countries, I know things can take longer, and then I was away for two weeks.

      I had purchased from Nena before, and like Cynthia they had been good, and so I didn't worry.

      They never turned up. We had been communicating, and Nena said she was liasing with her post office, and that she would refund me totally. Again like Cynthia I said I thought it would be fairer if she just refund half until she got the ammount from her post office claim, as we were both out of pocket at the time....No partial refund
      But again nothing now for several weeks....
    6. It's now been three weeks since I posted this thread and ten days since Mich added her story.

      Mods, has nena logged on to DoA in that time? I haven't had any communication from her, and I'm guessing that Mich is in the same situation.
    7. No, I haven't heard anything either.
    8. nena last logged on 3OCT. Once a member is Being Paged her status is visible to all.
    9. Thank you so much! I've never paged a member before, so I've never thought to check for status.
    10. No, and I just remember looking last time, and it must have been hidden.
    11. Another week has gone by without any communication from Nena; it's now been three months since she said she would ship the package, and six weeks since I last heard from her.

      In the past two weeks, several DoA members have PMmed me to say that they have noticed Nena being active on the Poupee Girl site. One of the members told me more than a week ago that she had sent Nena a message about this thread through Poupee Girl, so I think Nena has to be aware that people are trying to contact her about DoA transactions.

      Mods, I don't know at what point I should give up on my unresolved transaction with Nena, and ask you to close this thread. Is there a recommended time frame, or should the thread stay open indefinitely?
    12. The moderators of DoA cannot and do not get involved in Marketplace transactions. The Problem Transactions subforum is in place for this very reason. Members can post threads here attempting to find resolution with a problem transaction. There are no time frames or protocol. The mods do, however, stay aware of all the Marketplace issues and take action as warranted. This situation is currently being discussed.
    13. The mods opened this thread to allow a final post--I appreciate it!

      This week, Nena contacted me by PM with an explanation of the situation that caused her to drop out of touch last fall, and an offer to resolve the transaction with me. As I've told Nena, I would really prefer to let the transaction go. At this point, I don't need or want any more resolution than the communication from her--but I am glad to have that.
    14. Nena has also contacted me too with an apology, and given me a full refund. So my transaction has now been resolved.
      Thank you.