Paging Nettle RESOLVED

Jan 17, 2008

    1. I don´t know for sure with whom i should talk about it ,but i have bought and head in the marketplace in 06 of december from last year.I´m from Brazil(because of that,please,excuse my english) and i bought it from a seller from France.It still didn´t get in to my country´s mail office,the tracking number the seller gave me does not work in my mail office tracking system,and doesn´t work in the french mail office anymore.
      When i tryed to contact the seller in the past 2 weeks , she didn´t contact me back.
      I´m starting to get ansious and nervous about it,kinda desperate.It was about $124 and i don´t know if it got lost.

      I don´t want to jump in any conclusions,or acuse her of scamming.I saw her feedback thread and it was really positive,and Nettle was very understanding,and at begining the transaction had a great communication.But even so,i´m really worried.I don´t know if it is too soon to be that worried,or if it was my fault for not making sure the shipping was the safest,i don´t know if it got lost,i don´t know if it had returned >< I´m sooooo worried ç.ç

      It was my little girl ç_____ç omg.....
    2. bump to find nettle ç.ç
    3. yes,that is the thread.
      I payed with paypal.

      I don´t have an e-mail to find her.:/
    4. Have you considered beginning a paypal dispute for a refund?
    5. Nettle just contacted me
      she is trying to figure out the problem.

      Should I keep the topic until the problem is solved?
    6. Please, yes, update this thread with any and all results with this transaction!
    7. The problem is still not solved and Nettle is missing again ><
    8. I believe you have 45 days to open a dispute from paypal. I would do that ASAP. Good luck
    9. I'm sorry I didn't see this topic before *sigh*, Akina-Chan you were right to contact me because Nettle/ Ambre is a member of my forum. I will contact her and try to know why she's not answering you.
    10. Nettle answered me she has filled a claim against the post office and still waiting for some news. I asked her to send you a scan of both the sending receipt and the claim so you can have at least the proof she has really sent the head.
      I really hope this head is not lost and will arrive soon. ;_;

      My mail office contacted me...

      the thing was,Nettle wrote my Postal code as my telephone number xDDD

      the head is already here.
      Please,close topic^^