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Feb 24, 2009

    1. I have been putting this off over and over hoping that I wouldn't have to post this, but my patience is slowly running thin and I feel I should keep all of this documented until everything is settled.

      10-20-2008: Invoices sent out
      10-30-2008: Sent my payment and apologized for being a bit late as we had been wanting to get the head ordered in time for the Christmas season.

      11-21-08: After not hearing from her I sent her a PM asking if she was doing alright.
      11-25-08: Responded in the waiting room thread explaining what had happened.
      12-9-08 Another update.
      1-1-09: The month rolls along and after 3 weeks of no contact I sent her another PM.
      1-4-09: Her responce:
      At this point I was beginning to get a little irked. How do you forget such a large amount of money that is sitting in your paypal account? But I just let it blow over, at least she was still communicating and being polite.

      1-19-09: Sent another PM to check on her.

      The same day she responded:

      I agreed to taking over the order and informed the group, sending PM's to everyone to see if everyone still wanted to order. Siria and Taco both wished for their money back so I sent a PM to noi on 1-20-09 with their paypal information and how much was owed to each of them.

      1-27-09: noi informed me that she had returned Siria's and Taco's money. The same day I replied asking her if she was going to refund to rest of the money to me.

      2-4-09 I sent her another pm about the remaining funds, this time with my paypal address.
      2-5-09 noi sent me a payment of $295...
    2. I knew for a fact that I had paid, so right away I knew there was no way she had sent me the right amount. So I quickly sent out PM's to the other participants to check that they had in fact paid. So far I have gotten replies from three people, each stating that they had paid $107 to noi. We're still waiting on the two other participants, but just with those that have confirmed it adds up to $428. All together if everyone who had been in the order while noi ran it had paid, it would total $642... Minus the $295 she has already sent she still owes $347...

      I sent her a PM questioning who had paid and how much and am now waiting for her response...
      2-6-09 After hearing back from all but one member and going from the information that noi said everyone had paid, I sent her a nother pm about what she still owed.

      She replied:

      2-7-09: Jimi pm's me stating she hadn't paid yet, so I immediately pm noi to tell her of the price difference, I tracked this pm and have gotten a confirmation that she has read it.

      2-15-09: Sent another PM asking for updates and clarifying if she had in fact gotten the PM, I have tracked this message and have not gotten a confirmation back.

      This GO is closely getting to it's 4 month mark and noi has not been very good on communicating with me or the rest of the group since she has gotten our money. I'm not saying that she has stolen from us, but she does owe us $240 and its halting us from placing the order if we do decide to place it before it fills.

      I just want to know what's going on and why it seems like shes avoiding/ignoring my pms. Any kind of update will be appreciated.
    3. Aiowen ~ noi is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    4. i replied to your messages dear, sorry for the inconvenience!
      i feel terrible...
    5. noi has PMed me and explained what happened. We will be working out how to get the $240 together, but until I get the money I would like to leave this open. Thanks.
    6. Noi's payments:
      Feb. 27, 2009 - $30.00 USD
      Mar. 3, 2009 - $20.00 USD
      Mar. 6, 2009 - $20.00 USD
      Mar. 9, 2009 - $20.00 USD
      Mar. 12, 2009 - $30.00 USD
      Balance: - $120.00 USD

      Communications are still good and shes paying pretty regularly, I hope to be able to see a resolution and the heads ordered soon.
    7. Even though noi has already been banned I'm happy to say that I have gotten all the money back from her, and everyone has been refunded.

      Best of luck to everyone else who had problems with her. =(