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Paging Noirapple - RESOLVED

Sep 26, 2008

    1. On the 17th I sent my payment for an Angel Region Joker Ren I was buying from her. She said she recieved the money and would ship on the following Monday. On Tuesday I messaged her for the tracking number and she said she still hadn't shipped him, but would try to Wednesday. It's now Friday and I still haven't heard a word from her.

      I'm not meaning anything personal, but if he still hasn't shipped I'd really just like a refund. Noirapple was sort of unresponsive a lot. She doesn't get on much and is slightly short with PMs. She seems very sweet, but I'm just worried about loosing my money now.

      I sent her a PM a few minutes ago but am curious if anyone knows any other ways to contact her. She may just be busy and he may be shipped, I'm really unsure. I'm just wanting to know what's happening with the doll and/or to be refunded.
    2. Noirapple messaged me today. The doll has been shipped and I've recieved a tracking number. He will be here within the next few days. Her internet died and she had to go out of town, therefore couldn't communicate. I understand and forgave her for this.

      I will update once again when he is home.
    3. vengez ~ Has there been resolution on this?
    4. There has been. Thank you. And sorry for delay or reply, I guess I didn't notice.

      The doll was shipped and refund was given for some of what I paid.