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paging Noodz - RESOLVED

Sep 23, 2009

    1. i've noticed she hasn't been on since the last pm she sent me to give me her address to ship out her heliot wings. which also took a while. i can totally understand having a real life and such and not being able to get on often.

      because of this i sent her heliot wings before receiving payment for shipping (didn't want her to wait to much longer and such as it takes a while for me to get to the post office.)

      so at the moment i'm wanting to check to make sure her heliot wings arrived and to let her know how much her shipping was to send via paypal.

      if anyone know her in real life can let her know this information and ask her to log on or pass word on. it would be much appercaited.
    2. Noodz was last on the forum 3SEP. He is now Being Paged, please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    3. i got a paypal transaction from her for the shipping over the weekend. however still no pm if it arrived safe and sound. should i assume it did since she paid it?