Resolved Paging Novae - RESOLVED

Jul 26, 2011

    1. I had a page up to sell a Dollzone event dragon girl. I received a PM from Novae asking if I'd trade for a Dollzone Mo. I told her I would because my husband wanted the Mo. We agreed to ship at the same time and add tracking for a less stressful trade. We agreed on Thursday the 21st to send the dolls and PM each other the tracking number.

      I received no other PM until late Thursday the 21st (I was scared she didn't ship so I didn't ship yet...)

      I expected another PM on Friday with the tracking number so I had my husband send the DZ dragon girl with insurance and tracking.

      I've since sent her a PM asking about the doll. It hasn't arrived so I don't know if she even sent it. My tracking number says my dragon doll was sent out to her place yesterday but hasn't updated if she got it or not.

      [h=4]You entered: <Number removed for Privacy>[/h] Your Item's Status Your item is out for delivery at 10:23 am on July 25, 2011 in <Address removed for privacy>.

      At this point I want the tracking number for the doll or it sent asap with a tracking number or the $230 we agreed it was worth. I was so scared to do a trade but since Novae had good feedback as well as two trades I felt a bit more confident... but now I'm way to scared to ever do it again...
    2. Novae was last on the forum 22JUL. She is now Being Paged.
    3. Well I was just about to start a paging thread myself for exactly the same reason:

      I have been working with Novae to trade her Luts Soony plus extras for my MNF Shushu plus extras. I had seen her Sale thread in the MP and she had some trade options listed. We PM'd back and forth for a couple of weeks and decided on trade conditions. We agreed on a trade date for both of us to ship on. We were to each pay our own shipping costs and ship Priority Mail with full insurance and delivery confirmation.

      Our original shipping date (7/18) was called off so that Novae could get her paycheck before shipping. We set the new shipping date for last Thursday (July 21). I double checked with Novae that morning that we were good to ship and she said yes. I mailed my package as agreed around lunchtime that day and sent Novae the DC and Ins numbers. I didn't hear from her until after I sent a PM at 8:21 that evening. She PM'd back around 10:30 that night to say that she had not been able to ship as agreed because of her boyfriend getting arrested and his car impounded. She said she would try to ship out Friday or Saturday at the latest. I sent her a PM to let her know that I would prefer Friday since her package would arrive Saturday and that would be a bit uneven.

      The last PM I had from her was 11:52 Thursday night saying that she was sorry and that she had good feedback and wanted to keep it that way and that she would be working her hardest to ship Soony to me. I have sent her a few messages since then, but have heard nothing back... USPS tracking says they tried to deliver her package Saturday and had to leave a slip, and it hasn't updated since then.

      We agreed value was around $500 (but it is probably quite a bit more if I had to replace everything I sent to her) and I would really just like to get Soony. :(
    4. She never told me all of that. Grr, I would have held off on shipping if I knew that. I feel so bad, this was going to be my husband's doll but it's just turned out to be a mess. T_T
    5. I apologize to you both! I had some irl problems that really got in the way, and I was in a situation where I had no transportation. Or internet access! I am sincerely sorry about this, and the delay in reply, and understand your worries! I still have both dolls packaged and ready to go, and will have them shipped with tracking numbers today! I haven't picked up either doll stephanie or amy have sent to me, to insure I am not trying to scam either of you. And will not pik them up untill you are both provided with tracking numbers for your half of the trades! I just have some serious irl issues come up unexpectedly, and car problems, and had no means to send them sooner. I am sorry for the lack of contact but also, my internet was down temporarily.

      I am truly sorry for this whole mess, and I will make it right with both of you. I'll be getting back to you today with tracking numbers for your dolls! Gonna be going to the post office after I'm done typing this. And again, I apologize for this mess, and the wait.
    6. Hmmm... I'm pretty sure the post office is closed now and I haven't gotten a tracking number from Novae. She said she was on her way right out around noon. Stephanie do you have one?
    7. No ma'am... no tracking number here. She's a few hours behind us (3 I think) so it could be about 4:30pm there... and my post office is open until 5/5:30 (not sure which)... so may be hope yet...
    8. Oh, okay. Our post offices must close early as none are open past 4:30. Still trying to be positive. Will update as soon as I have a tracking number! Will look for your update too.
    9. Yeah... she was last online at 3:37pm my time (5 hrs ago) but about 2.5hrs after she said she was shipping... T_T
    10. I got your tracking numbers here:

      Amy: 0311 0240 0001 0553 9336

      Stephanie: 0310 2640 0000 9934 7642

      I'm now sending a pm out to both of you with these same numbers.

      Again I apologize for the wait on my behalf. There was a series of events in rl that kind of took over and got in the way, otherwise I would have been able to stay in contact, and ship them out sooner. Thanks for your understanding.
    11. Yay - got the PM with tracking number. Will update this thread when everything has been received.
    12. Got my number. I'll wait to resolved this when I get the doll safely.
    13. Picked up Soony today. I don't think she came with everything we agreed on during our trade agreements, and her faceup was chipped (a good sized area on the bottom lip), but at least she is here. Thinking I got the bad end of the stick on this one with everything I sent with my MNF :( but at least it is done with.

      I'll consider my part of this ordeal resolved - neutrally I suppose.
    14. Please leave your neutral feedback in this member's individual feedback thread with a link back to this thread.
    15. I got the doll Friday (was out of town this weekend). He was rather dirty, his face up a bit ruined, and more yellow than I expected. I will consider this neutrally resolved also and will leave feed back linked to this thread.