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Resolved Paging Nyco112524 - RESOLVED MEMBER MP BANNED

Jun 21, 2012

    1. I bought a WITHdoll Juwel Open-Eye head from Nyco and I sent my payment on June 3rd. The total was $97. The next day She said the payment was received on paypal and she would be shipping as soon as she could. Since then I have sent 4 messages requesting an update. The final was sent yesterday to inform her of me making a paging thread. Its been 2 weeks since Nyco has replied to my emails. I'm getting kind of scared and would like to get this resolved as soon as possible.
    2. I'm sorry to post again so soon! I just forgot to say I payed for insured shipping and I still haven't received the tracking number. I also do not know if she has been on since her last reply.
    3. Um, hmm I still haven't been in contact with Nyco :(
    4. Nyco112524 was last on the forum 6JUN. She is now Being Paged.
    5. Thank you! Hopefully she will pop in soon!
    6. I have still not heard back from Nyco112524 has she been on?
    7. Nyco112524 has not returned to the forum since 6JUN.
    8. thanks! I think I'm going to open up a paypal dispute. Im not sure what else to do.
    9. Today I'm going to update my dispute to a claim. I'm hoping to receive a refund.
    10. YEAY! She got in contact with us on Deviantart! :D
      I'm very happy, She has sent it and I we now have a tracking number to follow it!
    11. We received our head today! We are all Set! =DDD
    12. Also I'll leave my feedback on Nyco's page and link this thread