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Resolved Paging Nyco112524 - RESOLVED

Apr 5, 2012

    1. I'm really sorry to do this but it has been 3 weeks with no reply.

      I bought a Fairyland Minifee Seorin head from Nyco112524. Nyco112524 was wounderful! She was nice, and Pm'ed me fast. She sent me pictures I asked for and said she had one other buyer for the head. She said they didn't know if they wanted it yet. I asked her to let me know if they want the head or not. She was nice and said she would. She waited about a week, they didn't reply to her so she PM'ed me and told me the head was mine as long as I wanted it still. I told her I did and sent the $70 she requested for the head. I sent her a PM saying that i sent the money, I added my address to it, and asked her to tell me when she ships it out. She sent one back, saying that she had recieved the money and that she will ship it out as soon as she can.

      It has been three weeks and I have heard nothing from her. I also can see that she hasent been on as well. I'm starting to get worried. I am scared something bad has happoned to her or that my money is being stolen. Please page Nyco112524 for me and help me have some peace in mind!

      Please and thank you,
    2. I have resived my head this morning!!! ^-^ Thank you!!!! <3