Paging Nymphetish - RESOLVED

Jul 14, 2008

    1. I hate to have to do this.

      I purchased some EA eyes from Nymphetish on 6/27/08, paid with Paypal.

      The last I heard from Nymphetish was on 6/30/08, in which we confused each other as to who had bought the eyes. We figured it out, and though she did not say that she had shipped them, I got the feeling that there was nothing to worry about.

      I have had no shipping notice, and as far as I can tell, she hasn't been online since 7/4/08, when she updated her Lishe for sale thread as sold.

      I have sent her several PM messages, two of them listing as unread, and one email to her Paypal account, with no resolution. As of today, I still do not have the eyes I purchased. I'm still within my window for Paypal, but I'd rather not have to go that route.

      If someone could help, it would be appreciated.

    2. UPDATE: Got an email reply, she says the eyes are in the mail. I've asked for a shipping date, or a tracking number. Will update as needed.
    3. I am waiting for that very Lishe from Nymphetish, and haven't heard back from her--no response to PMs or e-mails since I paid on 7/4, and no indication about shipping.

      Eveshka, I'm glad you heard back from her. I hope my Lishe arrives safely very soon.
    4. She told me that if I was still unhappy after the eyes arrived, she'd refund me and I could return them, but at this point, I'm more concerned with them actually arriving. I asked her for a tracking number, and she said:

      I'm sorry, I don't. First class doesn't come with a tracking number unless requested. I'll look for the receipt, though.

      I'll admit that she was offering free shippping, but had I know that $45+ eyes were going via first class, I'd have willingly paid for Priority. No eyes today.
    5. I still have not heard back from her at all so I did PM and e-mail her again.
    6. I apologize for the delays-- eveshka, your eyes have been shipped, and I hope they arrived soon.

      SproutsMom, I'm shipping the Lishe today. I'll be sure to get a tracking number when I ship her.
    7. Thanks so much, Nymphetish. I appreciate it!
    8. Thanks, Nymphetish. If you can let me know roundabouts when the eyes were shipped, I can project out arrival time. :)
    9. Please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    10. Still no doll or tracking numbers here. E-mailed again today requesting tracking number.
    11. No reply to my requests for a ship date, either, and the eyes did not arrive today.

      I hate to do this, but I will be filing with Paypal on Monday, if the eyes have not arrived by then.
    12. Still no doll OR communication. I will also be filing with Paypal if I do not receive the doll or a tracking number by then.
    13. My eyes have arrived.

      The postmark speaks volumes, dating the shipping as 7/16/08... when she told me in email on the 14th that they had been shipped.

      While I consider my part of this complete
      , I am far from pleased with the amount of work that I had to do in order to get her to do the right thing.

      SproutsMom, I truly hope that you see some resolution very soon!
    14. Nymphetish e-mailed me today promising a tracking number. I haven't received it yet but I'm hoping Lishe was mailed at the same time as your eyes, eveshka. Lishe still missed the big WI meetup today though--big disappointment for me. I'm hoping that Nymphetish will follow through with a tracking number very soon.
    15. Yesterday Nyphetish e-mailed me a picture of a shipping receipt dated for yesterday. Will update when I receive the doll.
    16. I finally received the doll. I'm very dissapointed at the wait and false promises, and Lishe was shipped without her box and in a poorer condition than I'd expected, but she is here.
    17. SproutsMom, I'm glad that you got her, and I think this makes the thread resolved. I will be leaving feedback for Nymphetish and linking to this thread.