May 19, 2011

    1. I purchased a Souldoll Jinwoo head from ocarina for $250 on 04-13-11. She said that she would ship the next morning, then disappeared from the forum. I tracked her down on DA early this month when the head hadn't arrived yet. She replied promptly, and promised to find the receipt of shipment/seek a resolution. That was the last I heard from her, and I'm now approaching the deadline for filing a claim through PP.

      If I have not received a. further explanation b. the jinwoo head or c. a refund by next Thursday, I will be filing a PP claim and leaving negative feedback.

      I really want to believe that ocarina is an honest person and that she has a reasonable explanation for disappearing every time I need to communicate with her, but she needs to get in contact with me asap!
    2. ocarina was last on the forum 21APR. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated as to resolution. Have you looked at her other Paging threads?
    3. I have, which is why I do have faith in her honesty, just not her reliability unfortunately.
    4. ocarina has contacted me on DA saying that she's managed to get Royal Mail to track the package down, and that she'll be resending it once it's delivered back to her.

      I'll keep this thread updated with any further developments.
    5. I've attempted to contact ocarina yet again with no reply. I will be opening a dispute with paypal.
    6. Dispute has been open for 24 hours with no acknowledgement from ocarina. I will be escalating to a claim this week if she continues to be silent.
    7. ocarina has not contacted me, and I have called paypal to have them escalate this case to a claim. If she does not contact within 10 days, the money will automatically be refunded to me.
    8. paypal has resolved in my favor, and I'm waiting on a refund. I'll link this to ocarina's feedback thread when I receive further notice from paypal on the refund.