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Resolved Paging Odii&Thaer&theCD - RESOLVED

May 21, 2011

    1. I really hate to have to stare a Paging thread for Odii&Thaer&theCD I have traded and bought from this person a few time over the years and each time was a easy and very enjoyable.

      However, I pmed Odii&Thaer&theCD about a girl doll she had for sale or trade on the market place last week. I was intrested in trade for the whole doll or just the head as they offered a split. I pm'd her and after a little commication I sent her pictures of clothing I had and she picked out what she wanted to make a full trade as she has offered a 150.00 credit for my bobobie tan body as I had a best offer on it. We came to a nice equal trade.

      We had fairly good commicaiton all of last week sometimes it did take a day to get back to me but she still got back with me and kept me updated. We both agreed to mail on monday or tuesday at the latest with tracking on both ends.

      I was not able to mail mondy due to work and informed her. I did not hear from her but saw she was on not worried. I was able to mail on tuesday. I mailed tuesday with tracking and insurance and it went Priority. I pm her the details and waited to hear back from her.

      The next day still no pm but she had been on. I pm again. That afternoon after work I check she had been on around 3pm I belive and no pm about her half of the trade.

      I have sent seveal pm's over the last 4 days. I have not hear one thing from them sense Friday or saturday of last week when we made the agreement to ship.

      I know my body and the clothing has arrived on May the 19th. It is now saturday and I wrote her last night saying I would start a Paging thread if I did not hear from her by today. I also looked up her email from pp where I bought some eyes from her in march and emailed her have not heard anything from the email.

      Please pm me about our trade Odii&Thaer&theCD I would like to know where my doll is.
    2. Odii&Thaer&theCD was last on the forum 18MAY. She is now Being Paged.
    3. I have finally heard from this person and I have a tracking number
    4. Yeah no shait.... well please be more patient next time before paging, I don't own a comp so I can't be on all the time :roll: Well, you got my PM so please let me know when she arrives, thanks! =^_^=
    5. EcchoKat ~ Do you consider this resolved?
    6. Yes I do. Thank you