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Paging PanChan - RESOLVED

Feb 10, 2010

    1. I hate to do this. I really do.

      I'm part of a Hugh Laurie minimee GO, and I've been waiting for my head to ship from PanChan (the GO leader)

      PanChan has had the heads for 3 weeks now and hasn't let me know where to paypal the shipping money to, and I know I'm not the only one.

      This GO has taken a long time already. Almost a year from now (last march) it was started. And this is just silly for this to take so long.

      My head is paid for, and I know I'm not the only one waiting.

      Supposedly my head is packed up with my address already on the box. So I just want to know what's the hold up.
    2. PanChan was last on the forum 22JAN. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    3. I sent out an email to her paypal email address (given to group members and mods on request) this afternoon with this message:

      I haven't heard from you as to the shipping charges for the head. And evidently neither have others in the group. Is there a problem I should be aware of?

      S.... F.....
      aka LadyFeather on DOA

      Now we wait for a reply.
    4. I'm so sorry about the trouble, I haven't been on DOA in weeks, and I have been at a computer about as much. My best friends Mom, like a second mother to me, has been in the hospital for weeks and we didn't know if she was going to live. I'm so sorry for the trouble, but I simply haven't been able to go to a post office or get to DOA, or even to my work recently.

      I've still been waiting on several addresses from the group. Hopefully I'll have time to get shipping quotes later today. And hopefully I'll get a PM from the others, as I'm still waiting on half of the addresses.

      I'm so sorry for the trouble, but I've simply had to chose family in this situation. Now that we finally know she's going to live, my life can begin to pull back together.

      I've had the Hugh heads all packed up since the night they got here, waiting to be shipped out, I'm really sorry there simply wasn't a possible way for me to do it the last few weeks.
    5. My boyfriend tried to ship the heads out today to find the post office was closed due to President's day. >_< Sorry, he'll try again tomorrow.
    6. I've been wondering too as to the time it has taken from the start of this head to the shipping. I was not happy about the shipping taking so long after being received from the doll company. I can understand a person having a personal problem needing attention, but this does not account for the lack of "taking care of business" to others who have put trust and their monies to you to get a job done. In the end, I do hope that everything concludes with everyone being happy with their Dr. House head. This was the first head I've ordered and the experience has given me food for thought.
    7. Got my head in the mail today.

      I'm the first one in the group order to get hers, but the transaction for me is complete.
    8. Received head as well yesterday. Completed transaction.