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Resolved Paging Pandatoots - RESOLVED

May 16, 2011

    1. I have been contemplating posting this thread for a long time. While Pandatoots has not been unreachable or rude, I do not feel it is fair to keep this private as she has had my property for five months now and at the moment I do not know when I will be able to get my property back. This is not a paging thread, but it is rather just meant to share my situation as honestly and factually as possible.

      At the end of 2010 we arranged a trade; my FL LTF Ruru head for two faceups on my Realpuki Tyni and PukiPuki Cupid faceplates.

      As follows is our entire PM conversation, beginning in September when she initially contacted me. I don't think I'm missing any, I might be mistaken - there were a lot of PMs to go through. I have edited out physical and email addresses.

      Panda's PMs are in red.
      Mine are in black.

      Sept 27, 4:46AM
      Hello there!
      On your sales thread for the Ruru head, you said you would like to trade for faceup services.
      I was wondering if I could do some faceups for you in return for your lovely Ruru head?
      Here is my faceup thread:


      Tell me what you think.

      Sept 27, 9:46AM
      Hi Panda,

      Thanks for your PM! I looked through your thread and I'm actually quite interested... I have two faceplates I'd like repainted, though I have one little issue. The second faceplate is from a doll I've only just ordered, with a wait time of 30 days. The first faceplate is a Realpuki Tyni, and the second is a PukiPuki Cupid. I saw no examples in your portfolio of this size of doll but your technique seems sound and I would be happy to trade the Ruru head for a faceup for both faceplates as well as shipping both ways.

      If you are comfortable in waiting for me to have the second faceplate in hand to ship to you, please let me know - I would be fine with taking the head off the market. Please advise me as to what you want to do.

      Thank you,

      Sept 28, 4:08AM
      Hey there!
      That's great.
      I have worked on Puki sized faceplates before, but forgot to take pictures. I gave one to a friend that I can request to take pictures of (may not be anytime too soon) if you wish?
      And I am patient enough to wait however long it takes for you to receive your head before doing this trade if that is your wish.
      Just send me a pm when you are ready and I will be happy to do this for you.
      Also, hopefully by then, I would have improved even more on my skills ;D

      Sept 28, 9:14AM
      Wonderful, thank you! I would very much appreciate photos - again, no rush. I still need to figure out what kind of faceups I want, too... ^^;

      I will gladly place the sale thread in the graveyard, and hold on to Ruru until it's time to send you a package. I suppose then I'll hear from you again when you have pictures, and then once more when my doll arrives.

      Thank you again, this will work out very nicely, I suspect! <3

      Sept 28, 12:11PM
      Aw, thanks for doing this, it is very appreciated! <3
      And I could ask my friend to take pictures of the face on my behalf, but (no offence to her) but her camera quality isn't the best so it won't pick up how it looks to its fuller potential.
      I seriously appreciate you holding the head for me.
      Just to check, does it come with the headback to fit the minifee body? It's fine if not.
      And yeah, when you have the heads and decide on what you are looking for, send me a pm with a detailed description (could follow my list on my thread) or images.
      Many many thanks!

      Sept 28, 1:01PM
      Of course! <3

      Ah, I understand... that's fine, my only major wants are to be able to see how fine the eyelashes are. From what I can see of your work though I don't think it'll be an issue :P

      My intent with the head was to put it on a Minifee body. I tried it on the MNF body I had ordered (I only took two pics: http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4133/...5da5f8b0_z.jpg and http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4113/...92323888_z.jpg ) and found the neckhole would need to be modified or the neck on the torso piece. It is possible, ultimately, but would need mod work and the proportions are more 'realistic'/less traditional BJD bobblehead. I think though if you're looking for a plain old fit, no mods needed, just a Chic-line body would be best.

      Sounds good! I'll try and figure out what I want for them both... curious, though, but if I were to give you the freedom to do whatever you would like for a faceup (following some vague guidelines of course), would you be fine with that?


      Sept 28, 1:42PM
      Re: Ruru
      I can manage eyelashes fine (don't mean to sound big headed) xD
      And thanks for letting me know about how the head fits on a minifee body, but I would still like it. I'll see if I want to mod it or not.
      And I totally don't mind doing my own thing for the faceups given some guidelines. If anything, I perform better with more freedom.

      Sept 28, 2:08PM
      Not at all big-headed XDD

      Of course! I know that if I had not been swooned unexpectedly by another doll I would have kept her and had her modded... she is gorgeous, maybe one day in the future I'll give the Ruru/MNF Body combo another try.

      Sounds good - and of course, I understand totally that more freedom = better results. It's foolish to hire a faceup artist just on skill... style is just as important.

      Nov 25, 12:56PM
      Hi there Panda!

      I know it's been a long while since we last communicated... The doll I was waiting for has finally shipped (nearly a month late) so I should be in contact again soon regarding shipping the faceplates off to you along with the Ruru head. Please let me know if there's anything on your end I need to be aware of (if you would rather wait til after xmas season, personal delays, etc) to ensure this goes smoothly.


      Nov 25, 1:02PM
      Hey there.

      It should be fine to do this whenever as I am not really busy until maybe January.
      Let me know when you get them so that I can give you my address.

      I ship her the package, containing the Ruru head, a PukiPuki Cupid faceplate, and a SP Realpuki Tyni faceplate.

      Dec 1, 10:08PM
      Hi there,

      I got the doll in this morning! The faceplates are ready to go. Please let me know your address, and I'll get all the resin on its way to you.

      Is there a specific faceup form you'd like me to use? I plan on referencing your other examples of course. I'm still figuring out what exactly I want, so I'll probably send all the details once the head and faceplates arrive.


      Dec 20, 7:12AM
      Hey there nanlady,
      The package arrived today.
      However, I need to ask: was your realpuki's ear originally broken?
      If not, then I'm sorry to say that his left ear came to me with the tip of it broken.
      I tried to look for the missing bit in the box, but couldn't find it =C
      I'm so sorry this has happened if he wasn't already like that.
    2. Dec 20, 9:54AM
      Hi Panda!

      Oops, I thought I had mentioned it as a heads-up... yes, I'm aware it was missing, my cat got nosy while he was standing on my desk and he took a tumble. No need to worry!

      I'll PM you sometime later today with faceup specifications, I suppose, and you can work as you please. I understand that this week and the following week are important as holidays are on us and family always comes first - please take your time with working on them, I don't mind getting them late Jan/early Feb.


      Dec 20, 10:06AM
      Hey nanlady,

      Well, that's a relief n__n
      And thank you for being so understanding about the holidays, but I will still try to get them done as soon as I possibly can ;D
      Just let me know what you want and I'll see what I can do.

      Dec 20, 10:11PM
      Hi Panda,

      Okay, I think I have my mind made up.

      (Cut for length - details on faceup requests. Essentially, smoky faceup on Cupid, natural faceup on Tyni.)

      Again, as I said in past PMs, feel free to take liberties and do what you think looks best.


      Jan 3, 1:00PM
      Hi Panda,

      I just wanted to shoot you another PM. I sent you information for how I would like the faceups a while ago, and didn't hear back. Could you please let me know if you received it, and if so, when you are planning to work on them?

      Thank you,

      January 3, 1:23PM
      Hey nanlady,

      I'm so sorry for not replying, I thought that I had.
      The information about what you are looking for is perfect and I was planning on starting working on them tomorrow.
      I'll keep you updated.

      Jan 12, 9:46AM
      Hi there,

      It's been a little over a week so I thought I'd just poke and check if any progress has been made.


      Jan 14, 11:52PM
      Hi there,

      I haven't heard back from you and as of right now your status says you have not even been online since January 4th. You had said on the third that you were planning to start working on them tomorrow, and that you would keep in contact. Unfortunately I haven't heard anything back, and after a week passed I sent another PM with no response. I feel that I need to tell you communication is important to me; if I am expecting a response, even if no progress is made I would appreciate being told that instead of not getting any reply.

      Please contact me as soon as you can. I really do not want to have any problems in this transaction (as I'm sure you don't either), but as a hired artist certain responsibilities and obligations must be fulfilled. If I do not hear any response from you by the 21 (next Friday) I will have to open a paging thread.

      Hope to hear from you soon.

      Jan 17, 2:53AM
      Hello nanlady,

      Sorry to worry you but I have been verrrry busy.
      Basicaly, I got an internship in another country so I had to move to there and I only have access to the internet at the placement.
      I am from the UK and had to move to Amsterdam.
      My plan is to find a place (I'm staying at a friends at the moment), and when I do find my own place, I will return to the UK for a few days and finish your faces then.

      I understand your concern and thank you for being patient with me.
      I will contact you with more details when I can.

      Jan 17, 10:08AM
      Hi Panda,

      Thank you for your response, I understand you are busy. Please just keep me updated! A little communication goes a long way.


      Jan 20, 7:21PM
      Hi Panda,

      I'm very sorry I have to do this, but I have been thinking about this transaction, and more and more I feel unsatisfied with how it has been progressing.

      When I agreed to send you the Ruru head in exchange for you painting my faceplates, no indication was made as to a work time. Upon telling you that soon I would be shipping the faceplate that was soon to arrive, you said, "It should be fine to do this whenever as I am not really busy until maybe January." The doll finally got to you before Christmas time after a long delay from Fairyland shipping the doll to me, and I let you know not to worry about that week as it was the holidays, and who wants to work at all during that time? You said, "And thank you for being so understanding about the holidays, but I will still try to get them done as soon as I possibly can ;D" I got you the information how I wanted them painted on the 20th. After that, I heard nothing and PMed again on Jan 3. You apologized and said you would begin to work on them the next day. After a week or so and no further communication, I sent you another PM on the 15th asking for an update after you had not been online since (I googled and checked other forums, blogs, etc to see if there was activity elsewhere, and there was not). You responded two days later to inform me that you had moved to another country, and could only say, "I will contact you with more details when I can."

      I have to admit, I am unimpressed and I feel that this behavior is rather unprofessional. I had expected (in my opinion, reasonably and fairly) to have the heads shipped back mid-January. I understand that your internship and personal life is important, but I still find it unacceptable that you were not even able to contact me regarding the matter - personally, I was dealing with a horrible landlord, a breakup from my partner of a year, hunting for a new apartment, and medical and mental issues, and I still managed to PM those that I needed to in a timely manner. An internship does not spring up from nothing; you must have been working towards it in some way prior to moving, and even when finding out about your moving I am sure you could have found time to PM or email me to notify me about your situation and delay.

      I had the reasonable expectations that you, as a commissioned artist, would complete the work and communicate with me in a timely manner, informing me of any delays in the process. I feel uncomfortable with my current situation as I am out of a $75 dollar head and two faceplates as well as the shipping I paid to get them to you, with nothing but your name and old address in hand. Due to issues mentioned above I've decided since commissioning you that I want to sell the doll I have to help with my moving and other personal needs, but I am unable to do so when two of the faceplates are in your property. I feel I have been patient and have met all responsibilities as a seller/commissioner by sending my items on time, being prompt and frequent in communication, and being patient and understanding.

      At this point, I would like to finish this transaction as quickly as possible in one of the following ways.

      1) An immediate shipment of my faceplates back to me, either with the Ruru head in the same condition as it left me or with a payment of $75 via Paypal as the head was valued at the time of our agreement.
      2) Completion of the faceplates and shipment back to me no later than February 1.
      3) Payment of $75 via Paypal, with completion of faceplates to be done by March 1, with the $75 to be refunded once the faceplates are back in hand.

      Please respond to me as soon as you can. I am very sorry that the transaction has come this way, but please understand my situation. As I've said before, I do not want this to be a negative transaction; you have been kind despite being a little hard to get a hold of, and I was eager to have my faceplates painted by you.

      Thank you,
    3. Jan 21, 3:22AM
      Hello nanlady,

      First of all, I am so very sorry for this to have happened, I never want to have an unhappy customer.

      I take no offence from this and expected for this to happen as I can admit that I have been unproffesional as you have already mentioned.
      I know it may sound like excuses, but these past three months have been very hectic for me, but you do not need to hear the details (you can if it will make you feel better).
      I must admit that I am proud of you for being do on top of things and being informative about how you feel about this rocky transaction in a calm manner.

      My situation at the moment is that I can only access the internet at work and I have to hide that I am as it looks like I'm slacking if anyone sees me, so I'm taking a little risk here to reassure you that this was never my intention to happen.
      I will admit that I was unfair to say that I would be working on the heads before I moved and made it sound like it would have been finished soon. But time went by way too quick, and I had a lot of things to sort out.
      I should have taken 5 minutes to have let you know of the situation before I left.
      I didn't want to take your heads to Amsterdam incase I couldn't find any spray here and incase they got damaged or something.
      Now I know that I can purchase spray for faceups here (I can't take my own abroad), here is what I will do:

      I will return to London as soon as I can. I am a little low on money and very busy with work. I need to ask for a few days of for this out of the busy schedule. It may be tricky, but I will make it happen.
      I will then pick up the heads and take them back with me to work on in Amsterdam and keep you updated the best I can about it.
      Also, I am willing to pay you $75, no need to refund me it, for the troubles.
      I have been unfair, and this is the least that I could do.
      I may also still give you the Ruru head back, as I am too busy for dolls anyways.
      I will try my best to do all of this before the 1st of March.
      Let me know your Paypal so that I can send you the $75, this should cover your shipping. I will also pay with my own money to ship your heads back to you, so don't worry about that.

      I hope that this will make you feel a little more at ease, as again, I hate to have unhappy customers.
      I have expectations with when I do transactions, and in return, I should do the same for others.

      Let me know if you have any other questions or requests.
      I will probably aim to go back to London around 16-20 Feb time. Things are way too busy to go sooner and getting flight tickets more in advance will make things cheaper for me.

      I could ask my mom to send me the heads, but she knows nothing about dolls and where I put your heads, so I'm afraid she would send me the wrong items.

      So sorry again, I will try my best to sort this out as soon as I possibly can.
      And I am sorry to hear that you have been going through a rough time at this point in your life, I can relate.

      Take good care.

      Jan 21, 10:19AM
      Hi Panda,

      Thank you for your fast response. I very much appreciate it.

      I'm glad that we're able to handle this as mature individuals. I understand that you are busy, and that other obligations and opportunities must (and always should) come before hobbies. I appreciate your responsibility to keep my heads safe by not bringing them to a new environment, and I can sympathize with time slipping by a little faster than we'd like it to sometimes.

      Your proposed solution sounds fine to me. If you do send the Ruru back I would like to refund you in full, since while the transaction was a little rougher on my end, you will have done the work and returned what you accepted as payment for the job. I am content to wait for you to return home to collect the heads/finish work, no need to involve family members (if I learned one thing from DoA, it's that having family ship for you tends to work out poorly in the end). If you have not already wiped the faceplate that had a faceup, you're free to leave it as is and just paint the blank head (and I will keep half the refund if Ruru returns, in that event) if it makes things easier on you.

      My paypal: (cut for privacy)

      Thank you for working hard to fix this situation. I truly do think you are a sweet and talented person, and I never thought for a moment that you would use your position to do bad business. I look forwards to seeing the finished work, and I wish you the best in your life as well. I hope that what you are working hard for brings you happiness and satisfaction in the end. I hope to leave you positive feedback after everything is said and done.


      Jan 24, 3:36AM
      Heya nanlady,

      Thank you for being so understanding an patient with me.
      I will let you know when I book my tickets to go back home and the whole situation in general.

      I will send you $75 now.
      Sorry I didn't respond over the internet, I can't come into the office in that time.

      Also thanks for all the nice words you awesome person you!
      I hope the same for you.
      I would write more, but you know, I have to be descrete.

      Jan 41, 1:27PM
      Hi Panda,

      Thank you, I have received the money. I will hold it there until this is all complete. Again, I appreciate your professionalism regarding this matter.


      Feb 5, 11:42AM
      Hello again nanlady.

      I thought I would let you know that I will return to England on the 16th of this month.
      Then I will take your heads back to Amsterdam on the 21st and try to finish of the faceups as soon as I can.
      Thank you so much for your patience and understanding.

      Feb 5, 5:52PM
      Hi Panda,

      Thank you for the update! Sounds good to me.


      Feb 16, 7:41AM
      Hello nanlady,

      I missed my flight to England today because I forgot my passport.
      This means that what I had intended to do about your faceplates will have to take a little longer.
      Please understand that this was not my intention what so ever, people make mistakes.
      So I apologise about the wait being longer and I can empathise that this is not what you wanted on top of the long wait you have already had.

      What I will do is book another flight as soon as I can but keep in mind that I have to move house here in Amsterdam very soon (this coming weekend) and my internship is getting busier by the day.
      You can definately keep the $75 if you feel that will make things better for you, don't even hesitate or be too polite to. I really did not intend for this.

      I understand if you feel frustrated by the situation, but I am going to do my best to resolve it as soon as possible.

      Thank you for your patience and initial interest in my work.
      This will be fixed.

      Feb 19, 11:17AM
      Hi Panda,

      I understand. Please take care of yourself, I look forward to hearing of any progress.


      Mar 7, 3:57AM
      Hey nanlady,

      I really really appreciate your patience with me.
      I'm writing to let you know that my internship is very tight and busy for the next 2-3weeks so I can't go back to England before then.
      But I promise I will sort out this mess as soon as I can and let you know when I have your faceplates and intend to send them.
      Thanks again, hope you understand.

      Mar 7, 10:21AM
      Hi Panda,

      That's fine, thank you for letting me know. I understand this time of year is very intense for students, please place all your energy into your internship and let me know when we can work out the faceplate issue.


      Mar 27, 12:59PM
      Hi Panda,

      Just wanted to check in and see what was going on. I hope everything is going well for you!


      Mar 28, 6:27AM
      Greetings nanlady,

      Here is my current situation:
      I am still in Amsterdam, I have started a new internship and need to find a house to stay in. Money is short, houses are expensive and I am currently staying at a friends out until I sort my life out.
      My deepest apologies for getting you involved in this and I will try my best to return to England as soon as I possibly can.
      I will let you know when I do.

      Thank you for being so patient with me, I will sort this out as soon as I can.

      April 21, 8:45AM
      Heya nanlady!

      Just wanted to let you know that I am still very busy with life.
      I am stuck between jobs, need money for rent and all sorts of grown up stuff.
      Hopefully, I should be able to go back to England soon to return you heads.
      I'll see how I manage with doing the faceups.
      Maaan, I haven't done faceups in months because of how busy I've been, I miss it.

      But I will let you know when I know for sure that I am going back for a visit to home in England.

      Thank you so much for your patience.
      Your items will be returned soon.


      April 21, 11:40AM
      Hi Panda,

      Thank you for the PM. That sounds alright, I look forwards to hearing back from you once you know you're going home.

    4. As is clear in the PMs, I have been nothing but forgiving and understanding of her situation from the beginning. We are clearly in agreement that this has been handled in a less-than-professional way, and I do appreciate her attempts to remedy the issue by refunding me the value of the head and keeping in contact.

      I do not feel comfortable with the times where communication was shoddy, and that I had to initiate contact many times to find out what was going on, especially after her move. I feel like she had known before or during the time she accepted my commission that she had an internship in another country coming up, and that she should have notified me of it - she says herself it would have only taken a few minutes to do so.

      I am contacting Pandatoots right after posting this to inform her of how I want this to be resolved. What I want is for her to instruct a family member or trusted friend to locate my property at her old address, to securely and sufficiently pack it in a box, and to mail it back to me at my current address with insurance and tracking. Our original deal stated that she would pay shipping both ways which she agreed to, so I am confident this will not be a problem. As it goes for the property, I see it like this: She has refunded me $75, which pays for the Ruru. That is her property and she can keep it as she pleases, I am not interested in having it returned as well. I am not seeking retribution for the time that she has had my faceplates. I am also to understand that she has not done anything with the heads at this point, so what I expect to receive back is one FL Cupid Faceplate, blank, and one FL Tyni SP Faceplate, with its original faceup and one chipped ear (as its condition was when I sent it to her).

      Again, while I am overall disappointed with how this transaction has progressed, she has responded to my messages politely and I do not feel she is out to rob, scam, or damage my goods. All I would like is my property back as soon as possible.
    5. Pandatoots was last on the forum today. She is now Being Paged. Please feel free to post a link to this thread in her individual feedback thread.
    6. Panda has contacted me this morning. As follows is our conversation, including my PM to her.

      Hi Panda,

      I wanted to let you know that I can no longer accept your possession of my property. Our transaction has been going on for almost half a year now, and I have been promised several times now that you would be returning home soon to paint/return my faceplates. At this point in time, I do not feel it is fair to expect you to paint them, and as such I feel it is inappropriate to leave them in your possession any longer.

      I would like to wrap up this transaction with the following conditions.

      You are to have a family member or trusted friend locate my property, pack them with necessary care and protection in a box, and ship them with insurance for $80 and tracking to my current address or work address (as listed at the bottom of the PM) at your expense by June 1. I expect them to be in the same condition as they were when I sent them, as I have been lead to believe you have not done work and that they have been kept safely. This means the Puki Cupid returns to me blank, and the Realpuki Tyni SP returns with the company faceup and the chipped ear. Once you have shipped them, I would like to be provided with the tracking number.

      I am not interested in pursuing compensation for the time that you have had my property. You have sent me $75, which was the agreed value of the Ruru head, so it is your property now and I am not expecting it to be returned. You have been honest and mature about your responsibilities, and while I am not impressed with how this has gone, I never felt that you were trying to rob, scam, or damage my property. I would not feel fair or justified in seeking compensation for the time, and we would both benefit the removal of this bit of stress from our lives, so do not worry about it. I understand you have need of all the money you can get in your personal life, so please keep it to take care of yourself.

      Please let me know if you are able to agree and comply with this. I have posted a thread in the Problem Transaction thread as I feel obligated as a DoA user who frequently buys/sells/trades to share my experience, the link to it is as follows:


      I have explained there that I feel you have been mature and reasonable for the most part throughout this entire experience, which I genuinely believe - I do understand that life can be overwhelming at times, and that you have placed due priority on your internship, work, and housing situation. Please do not feel like I am bad-mouthing or being unfair to you - I posted our PMs so that others are able to make fair judgements on your business. In the end, I do like you, our transaction just unfortunately happened at a really poor time. I am sure the work would have been beautiful, you are talented and I do not regret accepting the trade offer. You are free to post what you like there in response, of course. I intend to update the thread when we agree on the resolution, and when I have received my property.

      I look forwards to your response, and to finishing up this transaction in a fair and prompt manner.


      (personal information removed - home address, work address, cell phone number, email address)

      Hello nanlady,

      First of all, I completely and utterly understand why you feel this way, I would be the same, so no stress on that part.
      I am still in a very tight position in my life at the moment as one thing after another turns up that is keeping me in Amsterdam.
      I really did intend to go back ages ago, but haven't been able to. It's all mainly because of money and things I have to sort out here.

      My position right now:

      I am looking for a job to sustain enough money to pay for my rent. I am having to ask my mother for money to pay for the next couple of months.
      When I find a job and realise my time schedule, I am going to take a short visit home and sort out your possessions and another persons too. I already have to send another item to someone else who bought a doll for me and I already feel bad enough with her as the item was expensive.
      I know you understand my situation and in no way did I intend for this at all, but I still am unable to return home.
      I will hopefully be returning home before June 1 because I would really like to find a job by then, but not knowing the language here makes it a little more difficult, but I am trying my best.

      If it comes to it, and I am still unable to go home before the set date, how about I pay for the items that I have (you will have to let me know how much it costs) so you can either replace them or something. But I will still send you your items back to you.
      I really am trying my best with this, but life has been really heavy on me at the moment. But don't worry about that.

      I totaly respect that you have made a thread about the situation, as it is only fair.

      So overall, the best I can offer you at the moment is:
      -I am going to try my best to get a job before June 1st so that I feel secure with money and know that I can afford both my plane tickets and my rent.
      -If not, I will pay you for the items that I have in my possession with the little money I have saved up but will still send you your items back when I do visit home if you like.

      Let me know what you think about this and thanks so much for understanding. I also understand what you are going through too.
      Take good care.

      Hi Panda,

      Thank you for your quick response, and for explaining your situation to me.

      Is there a reason why it is not an option to have a family member ship the items to me? I understand you would like to do this yourself but for me this seems like a relatively simple request. I am hesitant to agree to wait for you to come home, and to potentially cause a problem with your finances - I appreciate your jobhunting to best fund your expenses but even if a job is acquired before June 1, a paycheck might not be - especially if you do intend on visiting home before then. If you need a day or two to contact your home and see if someone can return my items to me, I would be happy to allow it.

      I appreciate your desire to compensate me for these items, but in the end it is a hassle to replace them and I would much rather have the original items back - to get both of these items back, new from the company as mine were, I would need to host more splits which would potentially take months, time that I have already spent twice in acquiring the original faceplates. I have a headless doll and its wardrobe sitting in its box, and while I'd like to sell it, my chances of doing so are incredibly slim without the faceplates... so going through another order to replace my property just so I can sell it is a bit frustrating to think of doing again.

      Please let me know if you can work something out to have the faceplates sent back to me.


      Hey again,

      Okay, I just emailed my mother to see if she can find the heads in my old room and to send it off.
      I'll let you know how it goes.
      Sorry for short email, but that's all I can say until my mom replies to me.
      Take care


      I am, quite simply, not interested in being compensated for my goods.

      To replace the Realpuki faceplate, I would need to find one secondhand, as the company is not producing these dolls at the moment. If I had to order from the company, or through a dealer, I would still need to order another whole doll to get it, involving a split. The value of the painted faceplate is $57. To replace the Pukipuki faceplate, I would have to split another Puki from FL - I already had to do it to obtain the original, I am not terribly keen on doing it again.

      I just want to sell this doll and be done with it, but I feel it's going to be significantly more difficult to sell just the body with all of the accessories, considering the market and the fact that the faceplates are missing - and then, if I get the faceplates later, it will be a pain to again hold onto and try to sell those.
    7. Hello nanlady,

      My mother has searched and searched and she doesn't seem to understand the concept of what I want her to find.
      She is very unaware of what dolls are and I have many several heads in my room so she doesn't get which one is the one that is yours.
      I may ask her to send all the heads in my room to my house in amsterdam to see if she can send the right ones. But that will be expensive on her part.
      I really am trying to fix this.
      What would you suggest.


      It is two very very tiny faceplates - do you have other Puki-sized faceplates you are working on? I know it's hard for non-doll people to understand, but the items I have are pretty distinct, as to my understanding you don't have this type of doll in your personal collection or are working on other ones. There must be some way to explain what she is looking for. If she doesn't know what she is looking for, I could imagine it is easy to miss/overlook the tiny faceplates and then we will have waited and wasted money on nothing.

      Can you show her pictures to help? Here are two of my own.

      http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4105/...3c5abf341f.jpg - The Tyni - shut eyes, big long ears, company faceup has dots for eyebrows

      http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5201/...8138964030.jpg - The Cupid - open eyes, little pointy ears

      Here is a random faceplate on the Fairyland website, just to show how they look off of a doll.


      Please try and explain to her again, I know it is difficult to, but it is still easier and cheaper than the alternatives.


      Hi again,

      I had sent her pictures but she got very confused by the whole concept.
      I will try again for you and hopefully this time she will find them.
      It just makes it difficult because I forgot where exactly I left it in my room.
      I'll try my best and let you know how it goes.
      Hold in there.
    8. I must admit it does make me anxious that you do not remember where you have put them, even if you have been away for a long time. Other collectors I know keep their doll belongings in a specific area, especially when it is something they are working on for someone else or are planning to sell. It makes me wonder what amount of success I could hope you have in locating my property should you even go over there at some point in person, honestly. It is one bedroom, not a whole apartment or house, that she has to look in. It is difficult for me to understand how your mother cannot find them, if they are truly in a safe and secure place, short of the room being left in an unnavigable mess. Do you possibly have any friends who are collectors back home, who you could have meet up with your mother to help find and identify the faceplates?

      I appreciate your communication and honesty, but I do feel like you are quite disorganized and the more I hear from you, the more problems and excuses I hear. Please keep looking, and do let me know if there is anything I can do to help - if you need me to write very detailed instructions on what the faceplates look like, appropriate packing, and/or shipping them, I would be happy to do so. I will consider the offer for compensation of the faceplates' values as it seems they may be lost now.


      Hi Panda,

      I just wanted to send another PM to clarify what I feel would be best to complete this transaction, so that we are as clear as possible on the situation. There are two outcomes that I feel would be suitable to wrap up our deal. In the end, what I want is to made 'whole' - before this transaction I had two faceplates, in the end I would like to have two faceplates or enough to pay for the replacement of said faceplates. I do not feel this is unreasonable. I am not pursuing compensation for the time that I will have been without my property.

      Option A
      You have someone (or multiple people) of your choice locate, pack, and ship the faceplates to me at your expense before June 15th. I am expecting back one PukiPuki NS Cupid v1 head, blank, and one RealPuki NS Tyni SP head, with default faceup from the company, one ear chipped on the tip. They should be suitably packed - individually wrapped in a tissue and bubblewrap, and in an appropriately sized box with proper padding. They need to be insured as the full value ($87), marked as Return/Serviced Goods, and they should have tracking/delivery confirmation. The tracking number and/or a proof of receipt is to be provided no later than June 15, or compensation is due as per Option B's conditions. Provided they arrive in the same condition I shipped them in, our transaction will thus be over.

      Option B
      You pay me the cost of replacing the faceplates via Paypal. From Fairyland, a Cupid faceplate equal to the one I bought would cost $30. From Fairyland, a Tyni SP faceplate equal to the one I bought would cost $57. These costs do not take into consideration that FL is not accepting orders at the moment for Realpukis, nor that both faceplates could only be acquired from FL through a split. I originally acquired the RP as a fullset order from Denver Dolls Emporium, and the PP through a split on DoA. I would also like $10 extra on each of these faceplates to compensate me for the anticipated cost of shipping new faceplates to me, whether from a secondhand source or as part of a company order. The total cost owed would be $107.

      If Option B occurs, I would like the following to happen: Within 6 months of the compensation payment, you are welcome to ship the faceplates back to me at your expense, and I will happily refund you the $107 so that we are both left 'whole' as we were when we started, minus shipping costs on both of our ends. If you wish to return them past 6 months, I will refund you $60 - over half of the compensation payment. You are free to choose to keep them for your personal collection or to resell them as you see fit - after you send the compensation payment, they are your property. I am only offering the chance to return them in the situation that you do not want to keep them or sell them yourself.

      Please let me know what suits you best. If there is any condition in these options you think should be changed so that they work better for both of us, do let me know - I have tried to keep things fair and reasonable in my perspective but as this involves both of us, I want you to be comfortable with the solution too. If both sound agreeable, please do let me know which one you would like to carry out - both are equally acceptable to me.

      Thank you,


      As stated in my last PM, I am content with either Option A or Option B as resolution to this problem. She can choose whichever one suits her best.
    9. Hello nanlady,

      I have read everything you have written and I think option B is the best option for now.

      I am very organised as a doll collecter and faceup artist, but I have a drawer that I put my doll parts in and it has many parts and boxes within, hence why my mother doesn't seem to be able to find it.
      I also prefer option B as it causes less stress for me, my mother (who has no clue how to use the post office except for first class delivery. She has no real clue about special tracked delivery), and yourself.
      I have sent you your asked amount.
      I truely really am sorry that this turned out how it did, but my life at the moment is very unpredictable so a given 6 months sounds ideal to me right now.
      I thank you for being so organised, level headed and adult about the given situation and I respect you for it.
      You have the right to bring up the situation on the forum and to ask for the options that you did.
      I will give you notice in the future when I return back to London.
      Until then, keep on smiling and take good care of yourself.


      As is clear in the PM, Panda has agreed to Option B. I have received the $107 to my Paypal account, and as thus, I consider this thread Resolved Satisfactorily and it may be locked. As per my agreement with her, if at any time the faceplates show up on my doorstep in appropriate condition, I will happily refund her the $107 that she has paid me.

      Thank you!