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Resolved Paging PandorasToyBox

Mar 22, 2018

    1. PandorasToyBox messaged me on Instagram in response to my WTB of a Fairyland F60 Shushu head. She agreed that I could purchase it from her for $200 on a short layaway (at my request). I paid her $100 on February 11th. She let me know she was expecting the head in March. I received a gift from a friend and was able to pay the remaining balance of $100 sooner than I expected, on February 24th. I contacted her through IG the same day (2/24) to notify her and confirm that she had received the payment, but she did not respond. I let the message stand for a few days, and attempted to contact her again on 2/28. I didn't receive a response and contacted her via her Etsy on March 1st (3/1). She responded via IG on 3/2 and confirmed the payment was received and that IG hadn't notified her of my messages (an issue I've personally encountered as well, so I don't doubt that was the case).

      I posted an unrelated WTB on the Marketplace here on Den of Angels, which PandorasToyBox messaged me about on 3/12 not knowing that I was the same person on IG that had purchased her F60 Shushu head. She said that she didn't need it anymore from her order, and that I could purchase it for $50 above the price I was offering in my ad (so $450 total). I let her know that I was the purchaser of the head from IG and I was excited to receive a whole doll. I sent her the money 3/12 and she confirmed she received it the same day. I asked if she could take pictures and she let me know that she could have them for me by the next day, 3/13, and she could ship that Friday 3/16. I asked her about the pictures on 3/15, to which she responded that she was snowed in away from home but she would be able to send pictures before she shipped and would send some extras for my doll. However, she did not send any pictures and I didn't hear from her on Friday 3/16, and I let her know that I was displeased with not receiving pictures before she sent out the doll. I told her I would appreciate her being more forthcoming, and I would like to receive a tracking number.

      She responded again on Saturday 3/17, letting me know that circumstances beyond her control had come up and she had only just gotten home that morning at 4am. She apologized and offered to refund my money/cancel the transaction, and let me know that she couldn't take pictures or ship until Tuesday since she had work for the next few days. I responded that I would rather have the doll, and would be happy to carry on with the transaction. She confirmed that she would be able to have the pictures by Tuesday 3/20 at the latest. I have received no pictures or shipment notification, and have messaged her on her DoA account, IG, Facebook and Etsy.

      She has had my full payment for 10 days, and has now twice delayed shipping without initial notification to me. I don't doubt that things have come up on her end, but I am just asking that she keep to the deadlines that she has set for herself or let me know if something comes up. I would appreciate a message from her as soon as possible letting me know what the status of my order is.
    2. UPDATE : Not even 10 minutes after this thread was created, PandorasToyBox messaged me on IG with pictures and notified me here on DoA that she had done so. She kept getting called in to work, and hadn't had time to take pictures or ship. Will update when doll received!
    3. Tracking sent!
    4. Doll received! I consider this resolved very nicely by Pandorastoybox.