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Resolved Paging Pannytheangel - RESOLVED

Aug 21, 2011

    1. Hi there.

      I bought a Jointed DZ hands from Pannytheangel.

      First: I contacted her Last Monday 15/8 when I saw them asking her about them. She was active that time, and she told me it would be $110 shipped to me.

      Our communication and seller feedbacks were good so I felt it sounds as a good deal since I was looking for those hands and I paid her instantly through Paypal. She sent me a PM same day telling me she will ship them on Wednesday & inform me once she does.

      Friday 19/8 : Panny was active and I noticed I didn't hear from her yet so I sent her a friendly reminder and to ask if she shipped them yet.

      Sunday 21/8: I noticed Panny was active all the days long, replaying on threads and even active on Sunday but she didn't return to me regarding our transaction.

      It is already Monday 22/8 in my time. A week past our first/last communication.

      So please Panny:

      I need to get a tracking number from you regarding my item or I would like to receive a *re-fund* for the payment I made.

      P.S: If you didn't ship yet, I noticed you don't insure the item, which I don't remember reading so I'd like to insure it. I never got mail in any way getting lost with 1st class or any cheapest method since I am an active buyer on different other websites *only 2 times through 3 years!*, but going through these Paging threads made me feel it is common here ! :(

      I will consider this resolved once: I get my item or once you refund me.

      Thank you
    2. I forgot to mention:

      Sunday 21/8: I already contacted her again, telling her I noticed she was active and I need her to contact me ASAP regarding our transaction.
    3. Pannytheangel was last on the forum today. She is now Being Paged.
    4. Update :

      Pann sent me a msg this morning :

      That tracking number wasn't scanned for acceptance so I returned to her regarding that. It's been 4 days since Wednesday *in US* .. 2 of are business days so I hope the number will show package is scanned by today or I'd need a postal contact to update it.

      Until now I am being optimistic & I am thankful I heard from her finally .

    5. I PM you. :O I did say that I would be busy due to an exam (and then family popped in on me. Gah. x_x). Regardless, expect the package to arrive in your country sometime this week. Where it goes from there is up to customs (but I gave you the customs number, so you should be able to view it's status when it does arrive). xD :')
    6. Pann, you pmed me just yesterday and I mentioned that already above you when I quote your exact PM on the same time I read it. This thread was started before you answer any of my PMs, when I was left 1 week without any notice & it will be resolved when I receive my item.

      Also, custom number still not working, and I already informed you regarding that in the PM I sent you earlier today. I am hoping this only is a technical error and the envelope arrived to my customs already.

      I will update this thread once I receive the package so it can be resolved.

    7. I PMed you Choco. The customs number does work.
    8. Yes, the number is working finally !!! :D I really hope package will arrive soon! I have different time zone, nothing get updated on my active times and it took them 4? 5? days to scan it XD .. I hope that doesn't mean more delay. Thanks Pann for the fast update !
    9. I receieved the item from Panny ..

      Item came in good condition & I am going to leave her her feedback .
      I am not sure how to change the title of this to - resolved ..

      but yea, please close this thread :)