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Paging papayebong - RESOLVED

Aug 21, 2009

    1. I am writing this in hopes to get a response from papayebong.
      On 8-9-09 I listed my OE Heliot head for sale here in the marketplace.
      8-10-09 papayebong sent me a PM stating she wanted to buy the head and asked how much shipping was to France. I PM'ed her back with a total and my paypal address. She responds saying she has paid. I checked my email for a confirmation from paypal and there is not one. After an hour goes by and I still have not received payment, I send her another PM stating that I haven't received funds from paypal. papayebong responds saying she was using her phone and she misspelled my email address and resends payment. I receive confirmation from paypal. Within the hour I mail the head to her fully insured and priority service. It cost me $30.60 to mail the box to her, which I used the funds from paypal to mail.
      8-11-09 I sent papayebong a PM saying I mailed off her package and she should have it in about a week. 1 1/2 hour later I get a message from paypal saying they have frozen the funds from this transaction because it might be unauthorized. I immediately send a PM to papayebong asking what this is all about. She said paypal thinks it is an unauthorized transaction because she used her phone to make the payment. She said she was on vacation, but would get it cleared up right away. I then give my side of the transaction to paypal along with a tracking #.
      8-13-09 I still haven't heard anything back. I sent a PM to papayebong saying I would appreciate her getting this taken care of quickly as I can't use my paypal account until this is resolved.
      8-15-09 I have haven't heard from papayebong and paypal regarding the transaction. There are other financial obligations that I had to take care of using paypal. So I had to replace the shipping and personal expense that I had used from my paypal account before I could fufill my other obligations. I called paypal and spoke to a lady that helped me transfer funds to clear up my negative balance. I then asked her about the case. She told me they are waiting on a response from the buyer. The buyer has not contacted them about this issue yet. I asked if she (papayebong) had started the dispute, the representative told me no, it was paypal that suspected something fraudulent. I was relieved to find out papayebong had not opened a dispute against me. I send another PM to papayebong asking her to please clear this up.
      8-17-09 USPS shows the Heliot head as being delievered.
      8-19-09 I call paypal to find out anymore info. They tell me all she has to do is log into her paypal account and answer a couple of questions and everything will be taken care of. They are just waiting to here from her. I send another PM to papayebong asking her again please lets work this out and clear it up. I have other obligations to take care of and that is why I sold the head.
      8-20-09 Paypal sends me a email stating they have decided since the buyer did not have a confirmed address I was not protected under their rules so they have given back papayebong her money. They have closed the case without ever getting any information or contact from the buyer. She also has the head. I sent another PM to papayebong asking her to contact me so we can clear this up.

      So basically paypal steps in and freezes the funds after the head has been mailed. papayebong hasn't taken any steps to resolve the paypal dispute. I am out my Heliot head or money, plus I had to reimburse paypal for the shipping of the head to France.
      Her username is the part her email address and the one she has listed as a contact on her profile is the same as her paypal address. I have no doubt that it was actually papayebong who made the deal with me and not some hacker.
      The last time I had contact with papayebong was 8-12-09, she has not responded to anymore PM's.
    2. papayebong was last on the forum 12AUG. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    3. I called paypal yesterday in hopes to resolve this dispute myself. The lady I spoke to said the case is very unusual and things like this don't happen often. She said since I provided a tracking # that should have been good enough proof to end the dispute. I was also told that when a transaction is suspicious paypal sends out a message right away, she didn't know why it took 24 hours for them to flag the transaction. Also the case being closed without any contact from the buyer was strange. She was really perplexed as to why I wasn't given the money back. She then apologized and said there was nothing she could do. She encouraged me to email the buyer and ask for payment to be resent.
      I emailed papayebong again and asked her to contact me or send payment to my paypal account. I see she has read the email but has not responded.
      I did some searching and found a French BJD community Materiel Celeste that she is very active in. I hope this is ok to post her profile page.
      My French is to rusty to join and send her a message there. If anyone is willing to contact her and encourage her to contact me, I would greatly appreciate it.
    4. I hope it's ok for me to post here, but I'm a friend of papayebong. She's in holidays so I think that's why she didn't answer to your messages as she doesn't have permanent internet access.
      But if it can help, I will pm her through Materiel Celeste as I'm also an active member on this forum and explain her the situation.

      I hope everything will be fixed soon.
      faeriegirl, papayebong is a nice person, I have done several transaction with her and it was perfectly ok. That's why she became a friend of mine.

      If I hear from her, I will post here some news.
    5. hello,

      i just go back home now.

      i send a message to faeriegirl/you to fix the situation quickly.
      It's late in France now so i recontact you tomorow to talk about how i can pay you (paypal don't want deblock my account) maybe with bank transfer!? (all banks and services are close now).

      I don't understand why paypal say that i didn't contact them, it's totally wrong.
      the girl i spock say that the see my account and send me an email, but she don't let me spock to a specialiste in the technic services to deblock my account....
      i wait 45min in the hotline with no response....

      after this i had 1 connection and anser to all the questions (changing password etc...) but they want a adress justification (that a have already send when i create my account).
      I"ll send to them tomorrow, but it's write in my account that they can treat this approximatly 30day after they receaved the document... it's very embarrasing and i haven't the solution to pay quickly with paypal because of that.

      i call to my bank tomorrow to know how make an internationnal bank transfer and close this problem.

      I'm really sorry for this but i done all i can do with paypal in my holliday site and my cellphone >_>.
      i heard to late that payment with cellphone is associate to a fraudulous acces to account because of the "ip changing" and paypal is very suspicious..... they need my adress paper.
    6. i have found a solution with my boyfriend and have paid with this account.

      You have already receaved the payment.

      could you send me a confirmation message to end this transaction.

      thank you.
    7. Today I received a payment from papayebong's boyfriends paypal account for the full amount owed. I am pleased with the outcome of this transaction and consider it resolved.
      Thank you :pcupcake