Paging Paya/Momizii - RESOLVED

Nov 23, 2009

    1. I'm sure there is nothing to worry about but I'm finding it very hard to get hold of Paya for a month. I know she has not been on the forums for a long time but I'm hoping that there is someone in contact with her or someone who might be able to help get a message through for me. I know Paya has done commissions for various companies and has taken a huge amount of commissions in the past but its better to be safe than sorry right?

      I was commissioning Paya for a faceup on an Olivia head I bought from someone here on DOA~

      I last heard from Paya on October 22nd who sent me through her details of where to send the head.
      I wrote a message to explain the head had been sent from the seller on the 28th
      And then I wrote again on the 31st to ask her to confirm receipt of the head as the tracking indicated that it had been signed for.

      I heard nothing for about 10 days so I wrote to Paya again.
      I tried sending an email to the address she gave me about a week ago and I still haven't heard anything on her message board or via email.

      Does anyone have any advice? Or is there anyone who could find out if she is OK?

      I was the first person to snag a commission spot and she's not replied to any messages on her board since mine. I really hope she's alright! ;3;!!!

      I hope someone can help!

      Thank you!
    2. Paya was last on the forum 18AUG. She is now Being Paged.
    3. Thank you.

      Is there anyone in contact with Paya at all?

      I just found this on ebay.
      I know that Paya isn't the seller but that is most definitely her faceup! Does anyone know how long ago this would have been painted? I can't find it on her website....

      I'm starting to get really worried about my Olivia! :...(
    4. I still haven't heard from her I have sent emails to different people who I know have been in direct contact with her in the past and I've had no reply from them either.

      I really really hope someone can help me! I'm desperate to get my Olivia back! :(
    5. I managed to contact Paya through Poppy! (Thank you so so much Poppy!)

      I have had a reply from her now but this is still open until I receive my head =^-^=
    6. Paya was last on the forum 11DEC - have you had any resolution?
    7. Unfortunately no I haven't. I've tried contacting Poppy again to see if she can help but I now have no reply from her either.

      I think she's run off with my head and I have no idea what to do!
    8. I got a reply from Paya yesterday to tell me that the head will be completed in the next week.
    9. Aves ~ anything more on this problem transaction?
    10. I received my head back one or two days ago.
      It makes me so sad that this transaction was a mess as the faceup is absolutely beautiful on my Olivia!

      This is now resolved but anyone considering commissioning Paya in the future should be wary!