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Paging people who bought items from me?

Jan 26, 2007

    1. Hi everybody.
      I'm xerrass and I think some people may be pretty upset at me.
      I'm Jean, and I've been a member at DOA a couple years ago.
      I had a semi-shopping service with my friend Envy a.k.a. Rachel

      I took orders and I usually posted items in the U.S., Envy was in Korea, so she ordered items for me in Korea and sent them to the U.S.
      Sometime I think in year 2003 or 2004, Envy and I had a big falling out. I think some people know about it.

      I'm usually kinda bad with sending items on time, but she was worse. I sold about 20-30 dolls on ebay/shopping service, so the people that got a doll from an address in Korea probably know it.

      She was an intern in med school, so that's probably why she was so busy.
      The last batch (?) of items, she got fed up of sending and just sent me everyhting in a big box, and those were pretty late to the people that got them.

      I believe some items that were supposed to be sent out never came. I had a lot of trouble due to immigration problems and school problems (I came to the U.S. 5 years ago) but I've been back for a while. I pretty much forgot about dollfies and such till a couple days ago, so sorry about the late appology.

      Also, I've been on talking terms with Envy again and attempted to sell items again on ebay, but obviously that didn't work out. I was the only one in the states or was not underage, (Rachel was underage and Envy was in Korea), so we used my ebay and paypal account. Paypal was harder to use if you were out of the States then.

      Anyway, to the point. Members that bought something from my online ebay ID or Envy, can you give me a PM? I will try to give a refund to most of them, especially if they were sold on ebay. If you had a transaction with Envy, her email was hjenvy@hotmail.com, I think most of it was orders and not a lot of them were actually processed. Also, I got a small box full of items this summer from Envy that were leftover items that she never sent to me in 2004. I have a couple of pair of eyes and such.

      So please pm me with the item you were supposed to get and how much you paid for it. If you could send a copy or a printed screen of paypal or ebay, that would be really good too.

      Anyway, sorry for the super long post and the annoyingness you guys had to deal with. I hope you can forgive me. I had a lot of issues in year 2004, but I'm not going to drag it into this. I should have ended things with envy and the buyers in a more professional clean manner.

      I was planning on returning to the doll world, but if too many people don't want to see me, I won't come on DOA :(
      Thanks for reading.

    2. Oh. p.s. I don't really talk to Envy much after she kinda ran away with some money and one of my dolls. If you had a seperate transaction or email conversation with her direct email, I don't really know much about it. Sorry about that.
    3. I have PMed you.
    4. I just sent you your refund
    5. Thank-you very much. :)
    6. I just found out about this and sent you a PM!
    7. Contact has been made via PM and I have received a refund. :)
    8. i pm'd xerass and she posted me my boots with no hesitation.

      i really hope everyone gets their items/money back :)