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Resolved Paging Petra Tpish - RESOLVED

Dec 15, 2011

    1. Hello there. I am sincerely hoping that this is mainly problems with the Brazillian post office and not with Petra Tpish.

      On September 8th, I got a PM from Petra Tpish. She said she was interested in trading for my YoSD backpack. I selected a zebra printed shirt from her. We exchanged information and I checked out her feedback thread- it all seemed good, so I sent out the backpack about a week later (I threw in two necklaces since it took me a week to get it out to her).

      I heard nothing back, so I PMed her asking if she was alright. She responded back on October 8th telling me that the Brazil post office had gone on strike and nothing was coming in or out of the country. I verified the information via a google search and told her it was fine, but that I'd rather get SOME news than no news, good or bad. I told her to keep me informed when she'd be able to send out the shirt or not.

      A month later I sent her a PM asking what was going on. She responded on November 14th, telling me that she had sent it out but it was sent back to her. To quote her:

      Hello, Winged!

      I send the package for you... and I received it back +_+ A couple of days ago...

      I am having no luck with this issue...

      We're in a holiday today and tomorrow, but in wednesday I send it to you again and paying for the the most expensive shipping to MAKE SURE it will arrive at your hands!

      She also made mention that she received the backpack/necklaces and that she would include a few extras in the package because of all of the delay. I replied back that I appreciated the expensive shipping and the extras and would let her know when I'd get it. I've gotten nothing and I sent her a PM on November 30th. I've noted that she hasn't been on since November 24th.

      I'd like her to be paged because the strike has long been over, I've given her the correct information for my address 'n at, and still have no item while she has the backpack. I don't even want the backpack back, I just want the item I had traded it for.

    2. Petra Tpish was last on the forum today. She is now Being Paged.
    3. Sent her another PM today. Here's to hoping that she'll just send the shirt or whatnot.
    4. >___________< She signed in yesterday and has not replied to me.
    5. I'm totally sorry for the lack of information :(

      I logged and saw yor message, and I didn't want to write unless I have the teacking number on my hands (sent you a message with the number then, hope you have received!!

      I'm totally embarassed with this situation. One relative of mine suffered a stroke and that's why I have been away from DoA. I'm terribly sorry for the inconvenience :(

      I sent the package and I guess you'll receive it in 2 - 3 days.

      Again, I ask all the apologies in the world for what happened ;___;
    6. I've received the PM and completely understand the situation and am just happy for the communication!

      I also just hope that your relative will be able to recover!
    7. Thank you so, so much, dear! Step by step he is recovering, thank God!

      I'm so relieved everything is making up right now. I'll just be totally relieved when you receive your package, though =)
    8. Alrighty! I have the package. Mods, I consider this issue HAPPILY RESOLVED.