Paging phineas77 - RESOLVED UNHAPPILY

Jun 6, 2011

    1. I've tried to be understanding, but have run out of patience with phineas77.
      I commissioned her in January 2011 to face-up an SD size head. She reported receiving the head on February 19th. I assumed she was working on the head, and not being in a big hurry was willing to wait. March came and went.
      Another person who had commissioned her for a face-up paged her here explaining that she had been waiting for quite awhile as well, and could not contact phineas77. Phineas then finally responded to people whose heads she was supposed to be doing commissions on, saying that she had a room mate with substance abuse issues and that she hadn't been able to do the commissions, but that the issues were resolved in early April and that she would begin working immediately on the heads she still had.
      I didn't hear anything from her the rest of April, so contacted her the beginning of May.
      She AGAIN explained her room mate problems, even after she had said they were over.
      Said she would do the head ASAP.
      I emailed her again the beginning of June, trying to find out the status of the commission. I told her I either wanted the head finished immediately or if she couldn't complete the commission, to mail the head back to me. She hasn't replied back.
      I'm quite frustrated with the way phineas77 is behaving and at this point, simply want the head returned.
    2. phineas77 was lat on the forum 20MAY. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated.
    3. No word from here yet :(
    4. I sent the head back on Tuesday, July 26 and pm'd ShellyL that evening, according to tracking it was delivered on Thursday, July 28th, but Shelly hasn't confirmed yet.
    5. I finally received the head back from phineas77. She gave me a lame excuse of not having Internet at her home since May. Perhaps that's true, but there's always public Internet she could have accessed. I would never trust her with another commission and would advise other people not to either. She's obviously not reliable or professional. I waited for almost 6 months to get the head back, most of that time without any contact from her. I gave up hoping I'd ever get the head back. She did refund my payment to her.
      The dolls face-up is pretty, but not what I requested, plus she didn't finish it with gloss. Definitely not a good commission experience, I'm just happy it's over and I'll never do business with phineas77 again.