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Unresolved Paging Phoenix Rising – MEMBER BANNED

Mar 23, 2010

    1. Like the others before me, I don't really want to be doing this, but I've been left with no alternative.

      Aernath and I joined the Sphaler split:


      Both Aernath and I paid in full even though this was to be a layaway. Your post to the thread on 12/7/09 made it sound like the split was paid off.

      However, Soom tells us that payment has not been completed yet. We need to know how much is remaining and when (or whether) it will be paid. I PMed you on 3/8/10 asking to be kept updated but that PM is still unread. If you are unable, for whatever reason, to keep up with your part, please let us know. Something can be worked out but we need communication.
    2. And I'll pop in to add that the part Aernath signed up for was split, financially, with me. It was to be a Christmas gift for Xtal. We figured it would be a bit late, but not the end of MARCH or later.

      I would like to see xtal get her Sphaler body, or all of us get our money back.
    3. Phoenix Rising was last on the forum 13MAR. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated.
    4. I sent another PM (at 2:58 pm AKDT) plus an email through DoA. I'll keep the thread updated with either the response or lack thereof.
    5. I did get a response to the email sent through the forum. From her reply it isn't clear how much is remaining to be paid on Sphaler. Without quoting the whole email, this seems to be the problem with the payments on Sphaler:

      She indicated that things are very hectic on her end, however. I did offer to pay whatever is left if she would authorize Soom to ship the doll to me (since the head and body parts of the split are mine) and save her the trouble of trying to pack up my parts. In turn I offered to pay to ship her parts to her once things have been squared away. Maybe I overstepped a bit, but I'm at a loss at this point.
    6. Just adding that I still have yet to hear a single peep out of Phoenix Rising since last October.
      And we still have not been given even just an Order Number to allay our fears.
    7. I'm glad I decided to look this up.
      I'm part of her Eliv/Iv split. It's been about 8 months now, since these dolls were supposed to have been ordered. Sometime in January, I asked if I could get the order number, but she told me I couldn't have it because Soom gave her credit information out? Can someone tell me if that's possible? I paid her through Paypal, so if she used that, I thought Paypal didn't give out credit information. I tried to ask her in February, but she never responded. I just sent her another message, and hopefully she's keeping up with this thread so if by chance she didn't get my messages, she'll still know my request.

      Phoenix Rising, if you're reading this, I would really like either the order number, your Soom screen name, or the e-mail address you gave them, so I can ask about it personally. I find it really frustrating that I have to ask you once a month for details, since the thread hasn't been updated since December, and even then, all I ever got from you was that you were going to wait a little longer before you asked what was wrong. I would now rather get things done myself now.
    8. Aimiya, I'll PM you with some information. In other splits I've been in the leader posted the order number either in the thread or PMed it, so. . . I don't see how it has anything to do with CC information. The only way I was able to get a response was to send an email through the DoA forum.
    9. And Aimiya, you are correct. Paypal does NOT give out a person's CC number or other financial information. In order to see details like what account a payment came from, you have to be the person who owns the account.

      Therefore the only possible information Soom could give out would be that a payment was made, or not, and for how much. They could also give out the email address of the PayPal account, but any sort of financial information that would put a person's fortune in jeopardy? Nope. They don't have that info to give.
    10. I figured as much, Baakay. I should have insisted right then.... *sigh*
      I've caught up with another split member siriusstar, who also hasn't received her parts. No word from the other two, and certainly no word from Phoenix Rising herself. Soom should get back to me tomorrow (I seemed to have missed the cutoff for the day, and they're now closed).
    11. Alright, got a response, but because I wasn't specific enough, they couldn't find my order.

      Here's there response:
      I've sent another message with more information, hopefully they can tell me something this time.
    12. I did get a response from Soom, but unfortunately, I wasn't specific enough. Here's the response I got:

      This time, I included her Paypal, and last known address (thank you, xtal for your help!) and specific details about the order. Do you think it would help pinpoint who she is by including her other orders as well? Or do you think that would confuse them on what order I need specifics from?

      I'll probably get another response tomorrow, I'll post again then.
    13. Oh. . . peachy.

      But I hope they mean, 'we cannot provide the detail of the order *without* a name of buyer.' *headdesk*

      I'd stick with just the details of your order Aimiya, what was ordered and when. No point in confusing thigs. I don't know if they've gotten to our question yet. And don't thank me, it's thanks to the people nice enough on this board to look out for their fellow collectors. :)

      I have yet to find out how much is remaining to be paid on Sphaler. Soom hasn't been terribly forthcoming even with specific information. Well, everything but the order number, which she won't give us.

      Based on what I've heard so far, I am not expecting a sucessful conclusion to this mess. This whole thing has my back in spasms, every time I sit down at the computer to deal with it. It's not just on my part that I'm feeling this way, my friends' kind gesture to me has been trampled and that, out of everything, has made me well and truly mad.
    14. I have the Eliv ears in the Eliv/Iv split. I have no record of hearing from her since the payment was made on July 2nd. :|
    15. At the time, I only gave a name, what was ordered, and when it was supposedly ordered, as I didn't think to give/didn't know more. I figured I'd post their response anyway, because at least we know what they're looking for if we're trying to get information on our orders.

      Alewife- I did point the other people in our split in the direction of Mimiko's feedback, as well as explain the circumstance that lead to that decision. I must admit it doesn't make her case look good at all, but I'm still trying to keep an open mind. If we can find out how much is owed on our orders, we can determine whether this was just a case of not keeping up with her payments or a scam.
    16. I got this from a member named akasora today. Apparently she was sent this message on accident from Phoenix Rising, and from my last message to her (and her unfortunate ability to not read things carefully) it sounds like this was meant for me.

      Looks like this was sent on March 9th. I'm thinking it pertains to my comments because I had sent her a PM mentioning that I had sent '3 messages', though I was actually talking about how Soom had gotten back to me quite quickly and I had sent them messages (this was when she told me they weren't responding to her comments and that it might have been because they had been celebrating the Chinese New Year for the past few weeks). Unsure, however, because the excuse sounds exactly like the one given to the Sphaler group. I've had a few issues with miscommunication on her end, with her thinking I said something I didn't, so I can't really tell.

      Now, as for Soom, this is what I got from them.
      I'm getting even less help than you guys did.... I did ask *again* if there was an order for the Iv & Eliv split, but I guess it looks like everything I told them helped quite a bit anyway. No clue what they're going to do.
    17. Yeah, that is a virtual copy/paste of the PM I got from Phoenix on 3/8.

      We got a response from Soom which I will PM to you. But it's been a week and no contact from Phoenix Rising. No idea if she's even visited the forum since 3/13. Nothing.
    18. i'm also part of the Eliv/Iv split. i should be getting all the Iv fish parts and both outfits. i've never gotten any word on the status of the order. hopefully we can figure out what's going on here..
    19. All I've been able to find on Soom's Q&A board is that it looks like your split was ordered and maybe had 2 payments made on it. I couldn't find anything posted after 7/24. I couldn't find anything on the Sphaler split. Without knowing her screen name on Soom or having the order number I can only weed out those who ordered on the likely day(s) ours was placed and eliminate those who use their DoA names.

      Nekokoi, if you send an email through the forum she will get it but there's no guarantee she'll answer.