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Resolved Paging Phyllia - RESOLVED

Sep 13, 2011

    1. I really didn't want to have to resort to paging Phyllia as I am aware that she has been feeling unwell, hence why it has taken me so long. But I really would just like to get some updates on how my commission is going.

      I sent Phyllia my DOT Camine for a face-up on April 4th via Canada Post Express with tracking, meaning it should arrive within 5 working days. I forgot about it for a bit until I realized I wasn't contacted that my head had arrived. Tracking told me it had arrived, so I PMed Phyllia on May 30th asking if she's received my head yet or not.

      I get a reply on the same day (May 30th) saying:
      Then there was no contact at all from her again and I got busy and forgot about it for a while.

      I sent her a PM on July 2nd asking her how everything's going but didn't get a reply.
      Then I see on her face-up thread that she has been feeling unwell, so I didn't bother her again.

      On July 26th, I sent her another PM to see if she was feeling better and see where she was at with my commission. There was no reply, so I posted on her face-up thread on August 2nd asking her to please give me an update.
      She PMed me back on the same day:
      I didn't get any updates from her that Friday as promised, so I sent her a PM on Aug 8th asking for the photos and that I will send her the payment for the face-up and shipping once I've received the photos.

      I didn't receive any contact from her and I was going on a vacation soon and will be out of town, so thinking she may have been unable to check her PMs on DOA, I sent her an e-mail on Aug 14th telling her that I would be out of town soon and that it would be nice to get my head back.

      I still didn't get receive any contact from her and I went on my trip.
      I came back from my trip and sent her both an e-mail and a PM on Sept 6th telling her that I don't mind if she is not done with my commission, but I would just really like an update on how everything's going. I asked her to please give me a reply via e-mail or PM within 72 hours else I would have to resort to paging her.

      It has been well over 72 hours, and I have still not received any contact from her.
      I see that she hasn't logged on to DOA since Aug 31st, but I have tried to contact her before Aug 31st both through DOA and e-mail with no replies.

      I really hope she is okay and is feeling better. She had promised me photos over a month ago, but now I don't even mind if she is really finished with my commission or not. I'd just like some contact from her and know that she is okay.

    2. Phyllia was last on the forum 31AUG. She is now Being Paged.
    3. Sent her two PMs one on Sept 19th and another one on Sept 25th.
      I see that she has been online. Still no signs of contact from her.
    4. Received contact from Phyllia.
      In the process of being resolved.
      Will keep thread updated.
    5. Sorry for being out of contact for such a long time.I can imagine how worried you are and I feel quite guilty.
      I was involved in a car accident and had been lying in hospital for weeks. I'm back now. I've PMed you and the other three. The heads will be shipped out soon.
    6. My head has arrived safely. Problem is resolved!!