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Resolved Paging Phyllia - RESOLVED

Sep 18, 2011

    1. I admit I am reluctant to resort to paging Phyllia, as she seems like a very sweet (and talented) young lady, I have seen another with issues as well and feel that perhaps it is time. I originally reserved a slot for a faceup in March or April informed that I should send my doll to her towards the end of June. I shipped my entire Soom Minette to her which arrived on the 29th. It was another week before she responded to let me know the doll had arrived safely at week four, I wrote her asking for progress updates and photos since the doll was supposed to be done in 4 weeks. She let me know she would need five weeks instead of 4 to finish the doll. So I waited. When five weeks came around and I asked about it she said she had to finish putting spots on the body and that she needed one more week. So I asked for progress shots once more and waited another two weeks before contacting her again. I did not get a response for three more weeks, at which point she said she had been in an accident and had been in the hospital. I wanted to be understanding as that is a most unpleasant situation however she said again the doll would be finished by September 2nd. Stuff happens, I understand, but as I had asked for pictures twice and she had said she'd gotten most of the body finished, I told her to take her time and worry about getting better, I'm fine so long as I can have a few progress shots. This message was sent on the 27th of August.

      Since then I have not heard from her. She was online again on the 31st. I sent her an email on the 13th, saying that she wasn't responding on here so I would try there, asking for a fourth time for progress shots just to ease my anxieties and show me that progress had been made, hoping she is well. I honestly was worried to a point that I thought perhaps something from her accident had gone wrong.

      She has since been on DOA, as of the 15th, and still has not responded to my email or given me any hint sign or clue of acknowledgement in my requests for pictures despite me asking her four times... avoiding the subject or simply not bringing it up in the few responses I have gotten.

      I do sincerely hope that she is getting better as between being sick and car accidents that is not something anyone should want to deal with. And as I said she seems very nice, but her communication has been very poor and the lack of updates have had me more than a little antsy. Just the photo updates would be nice, and if not, at this point I'd rather take the loss of paying $40 priority twice just to have my minette back.
    2. Phyllia is currently Being Paged. She was last on the forum 15SEP. Please keep this thread updated.
    3. She also has three of my Unoa FP's that she said would ship by Sept 5th. I just contacted her, again.
    4. She has my Soom Cuprit NS since June.
      I was going abroad last Aug.
      I can't help being worry, so I PMed her. As you know, no answer. no answer at all!
      no update either in here or in Flickr.
      Maybe I should ask her for returning my Cuprit:evil:
    5. Phyllia was last on the forum 24SEP.
    6. Update. I have been contacted by Phylla again. She has sent her deepest apologies and an explanation of the delay. I do hope the matter is resolved and feel it likely has been. However as there are now others in this thread I can not say the issue is resolved for all of them. I will update and notify of any changes
    7. Sorry for being out of contact for such a long time.I can imagine how worried you are and I feel quite guilty.
      I was involved in a car accident and had been lying in hospital for weeks. I'm back now. I've PMed you and the other three. The heads will be shipped out soon.
    8. I got contact from Phyllia too. I feel so sorry that I was upset to her for a while ;(.She got an accident, and that's sth that we didn't want it to happen to anyone.I understand her situation. I'm so worry about her health. Broken arm is a worst thing ever. Hope Phyllia get well soonie soon! I see my Cuprit now. So impressive
    9. Doll has arrived safe, sound, and beautiful. My matter with phyllia is resolved.