Resolved Paging Phynix - RESOLVED

Jan 16, 2012

    1. I joined Phynix's Rabbit Bear Girl split back in September, I paid for my parts in full and sat back to wait through the 3 month layaway. Things were pretty quiet on her end, the only updates I ever received were if I prompted her then waited for a response. No biggy really, splits work like this more often then not, so I didn't pay much attention to it.

      December 15th, the doll arrives, no pictures were posted, but the parts from the split were already supposed to have been repackaged and hopefully posted in the mail the next day. I found this odd as I hadn't had the chance to pay for shipping yet, so I promptly PM'd her so I could pay. I then received a reply the 20th with the price for shipping and news that she had surgery scheduled for the next day, so she would have to delay shipping until the new year. I was discouraged, but there wasn't much I could do. I held off on paying shipping until she was up and moving again.

      December 31st Phynix PM's me saying she'll be released to move around fully January 5th, so I agreed to pay then and did so later in the evening. She replied the 8th that she had Nissi_Niravi's and my items packed together and would have them shipped out that Monday. Monday comes and I heard nothing from her, so I waited a couple days and PM'd her Wednesday to check in. She didn't reply until the wee hours of Saturday morning to tell me her husband had shipped the package out Friday but the tracking number/receipt was in his car but she would get it when he got home. I replied promptly to this, thanking her and hoping that I might get lucky and have the tracking number later in the day. Unfortunately I received nothing. I PM'd her again Sunday morning giving her until Monday evening to give me a tracking number or else I was going to have to post a paging thread.

      I honestly don't know what else to do. I've tried to be understanding due to her recent surgery, job, and life outside of the hobby, but she's had both Nissi_Nirvani's and my parts since December 15th and her communication/updating has been very lacking. I just want the tracking number so I know when to expect the parts. There's no sense in paying for tracking or what have you if the parts arrive before I get the number.
    2. Phynix was last on the forum 14JAN. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    3. Contacted Zakuro today, (also in the split and knows Phynix in real life) I received a reply that she had called Phynix and informed her of both Nissi and I trying to contact her and that she was being paged. Hopefully she'll get online now and get in contact with us...
    4. Yup Zak got a hold of me sorry about this all. I only check DOA every few days. And was a bit shocked to learn I forgot to give you all my phone number and private email. Usually I send that with the thank you for our split email. I feel bad about that. Sorry guys.

      So this morning I found the parcel in the car that was totaled a week ago. My husband was asked to mail the parcel for me before we went into work one day as I was having issues finding a way down to the post office with being every where with life. (surgery, new job, and old job being cleared up) So I didn't even think about it till I daw it. I thought he had sent before he got into that accident (he is okay my car is not but he is)

      I feel bad I really do! I do have the claim papers available to me (for the car) and the husband has photos of the damage.

      So it got sent priority this morning!

      Your tracking number is: CX 451 586 665 CA
      And the lady at the post office said it should take 4 buisness days, you should get it Monday morning. She said Wednesday by latest! (it was the fastest I could send with a tracking number and insurance)

      Again sorry this all went bad, your pieces are all in there, yours and your friends! Anything else I can do for you all? Cuz I do feel really bad that you all are waiting so long for this. You have no idea how bad I do feel about everything. Just this past month was horrible to me. I am sorry all.
    5. I'm sorry to hear about your car, I'm glad your husband is okay though! Did you check to make sure the parts were okay before shipping them? I don't know how bad the accident was, but you never know with some things...

      I'll keep an eye on the tracking and update when the items arrive.
    6. I did! They were fine so I re packed them as they were (cuz honestly if they survived that then crap they will survive the mail the same way! lol) Any ways thank you. Yeah Hopefully we see them to you soon. Is the tracking working okay for you all? cuz when I checked it before I posted it was giving me a error (I was assuming it was cuz of the fact it was new) It is working for me now bust wasn't earlier. Wish it would get there today. I just hope with the fact there was no update since yesterday morning to the number that it is processing for you all.

      I didn't mark who's part were who's I am sure you ladies can figure out arm from hammer. The biggest parts belong to the hammer. (It is in three pieces from the company) Any ways send us all a message when it gets there!

      And please do not leave feedback for me till I can leave for you. I want honest feedback (even if this went not so well)

      Thanks all!
    7. Yes, the tracking has been working just fine, it just hasn't updated since the 22nd when I'm assuming it reached the US border. I don't imagine it will update again until the package is delivered, at least that's always been my experience with international shipping.

      I'll be waiting to see if it arrives today, I'll post pictures and whatever else later as I still need to get sleep for work tonight. So until then I'll be crossing my fingers and waiting patiently!
    8. I paid for tracking in the usa, it better update soon! *growls at post office* What I have noticed is that often they forget to scan the tracking code. So it could be just that. If you don't see an update tomorrow/wednesday I will call the post office here and find out what is happening.
    9. The package arrived today and all the items are here and safe.

      You can find pictures/box openings here. I consider this resolved and will wait for Phynix to leave feedback first as she has requested. Thanks.
    10. thank you for waiting! (does have a reason for asking for that, due to bad experiences with another forum where I left feedback for someone who was rude to me and left that in there feedback and they retaliated with there feedback, it wasn't here just another site I am not apart of no more cuz they allowed it) any ways I hope you have fun with it, it looks amazing. I couldn't figure out how to get it together when I checked the pieces I was all flustered too many pieces. lol

      Glad this is resolved. Again I am sorry it took so long! *hugs* enjoy!
    11. Please leave a link to this Paging Thread in the feedback you leave in her individual thread.