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Mar 20, 2008

    1. She started a layaway with me over 3 1/2 weeks ago to buy my DZ Nina under the conditions that a payment would be made each week (on Sat or Mon at the latest) and that she would keep me informed. I have recieved no contact from her barr a small excuse when the second payment was 4 days late. I have sent her messages and warnings through PM and email and she has not responded to any of them.

      If anyone knows where she is or what is going on please tell me. I hate to cut off this sale because I know she really wanted the doll but my patience has run out.
    2. MentalPrsn ~ Pink_Angel was on the board today - are you sure you have the right contact information for her? Has money actually exchanged hands? Did you agree to a non-refundable amount if the layaway was abandoned? When was the date of your last dialogue with this member?
    3. When trying to contact her I PM'd her here on the board, emailed her through the board and emailed her through the paypal email address, these are all the same ways we had contact at the begining of the transaction. She has made 2 small payments but that total isn't even half of the total of the doll. There wasn't a spoken non-refundable amount because at the begining she assured me that we weren't going to have any sort of problems. And the last contact I have had from her was on Mar 11 in the form of a short note on paypal when she submited the second payment.
    4. Before that note on her payment, the last contact was on Mar 4th, the day after we started the transaction.
    5. I recieved contact from PINK_ANGEL, we are working it out.
    6. MentalPrsn ~ Please update this thread with resolution. Thank you.
    7. Oops... the issue has been resolved.