Paging Pinkiexme - RESOLVED

May 5, 2010

    1. I entered a transaction with Pinkiexme to buy a modded SD13 girl body she had for sale. However, when the body arrived, it arrived with mismatched feet. One foot belongs to an SD16 girl, and the other is an SD13 girl foot. This defect or anomaly was NOT disclosed anywhere in her sales thread. I also specifically requested the body to be sent unassembled [unstrung], however when it arrived, it was strung.

      04-10-2010: I sent Pinkiexme a PM to request a quote for the body, unassembled.
      04-12-2010: She replies that she will get me a quote.
      04-13-2010: She replies with the quote, and it seemed reasonable to me, so I agreed.
      04-16-2010: She sents me a message letting me know my body has shipped.

      The body only arrives on 05-01-2010 [1st of May] due to delays in mail service caused by the Icelandic volcanic eruptions. Upon receiving the body, I unwrap it to find that it was not sent unassembled as agreed upon. However, I let that go as it was not a big deal for me.

      While I was installing KIPS into the arms of the body, I noticed one of the feet was rattling around oddly in its socket and seemed very loose. I initially thought that the ankle ball was defective or broken, but upon further inspection, it was an entirely different foot. The foot was later identified as an SD16 girl flat foot.

      I initially wanted to ask for a partial refund just enough to cover the cost of replacing the feet, but that will not work unless I can buy the ankle parts as well from Volks. I have sent Volks an email requesting if I may purchase just the balls as well, but I am still waiting for their reply.

      I have sent Pinkiexme two PM's on the day I received the body [1st May] and recently sent an email to the address she provided for Paypal. Please get in touch with me to resolve this issue.
    2. Edited to add:

      I am NOT looking for a full refund for this body; I only would like a reasonable explanation for this bizarre occurence and a partial refund so that if Volks does not let me purchase the ankle parts, I can find other solutions to rectify this problem.
    3. Pinkiexme was last on the forum 28APR. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    4. Hello! Im sorry to hear about this, and im sorry for not answering on pms. My internet connection is quite bad. However i didnt know about the footissue. Im not rhat informed about the volks bodies and i just bought the body becuae of My tely head. I recived the body as i shipped it. The wrong foot is from the member frozen wings, Who i bought the body from in the first place. Im reallyreally sorry abot this!! It was the first volksbody ive Ever seen. Im so sorry .___.
    5. Hi, I have received your email, thank you for getting back to me. I've sent you a reply, and proposed solutions. Let me know if you have any other ideas. Perhaps you may want to take this up with frozen wings as well?
    6. Now i have sent à message to frozen wings about the foot, asking her if she has the missing foot :)
    7. Hello again!
      I got a pm from Frozen wings, and as me she thought it was because of poor stringing, and she said she got the body like the way i shipped it ^^; So how do you wanna do this, SchizoCheese?
      I didnt know about the foot when i wrote the sales thread so if you want somekind of refund to pay the new feetpart or something thats okay with me.

      Let me know!
    8. Hihi ^^

      Thank you for the update :D I've also received your e-mail, and I've sent you the proposed resolution. ^^ Please let me know if you find it acceptable, thank you (:
    9. Pinkiexme and I have come to an agreeable amount for the partial refund; I am now waiting for her reply on the matter. :)
    10. Yeah :) I saw it.
      Well, i woulnt mind paying the amount of 70USD for the refund, but i gotta admit that it hurts. Since i didnt know about the foot, and therefore didnt say anything in the salesthread, it doesnt mean that i lied, i just didnt know about it.
      And i think paying a refund for something i didnt know about feels a bit wrong in my head.
      But i understand that Schizo Cheese wants a refund, since there was a footissue and the foot needs to be replaced.
      and, i think 70USD is a bit much, but if thats what the mods want me to do to then i'll do it without complains. After all, i dislike being paged.
    11. Hello ^^ I've just emailed you some good news :whee:
    12. Pinkiexme and I have managed to decide on a mutually agreeable amount for the partial refund; will update once that refund is received. :)
    13. I have just sent Pinkiexme an e-mail inquiring about the status of the refund as she has not given me any notice of that thus far.
    14. Pinkiexme has sent me the agreed amount for the refund :) This can be closed now, thank you!