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Unresolved Paging PokerFaceBJD - (Forum Banned)

Aug 21, 2009

    1. I hope it will end up as a misunderstanding only.

      Several weeks ago PokerFaceBjd commissioned a full BJD outfit and was willing to pay 70$ + shipping. I made it for her, made major changes when she ordered and because she wasn't able to pay me just after that I sent it anyway because she was very nice and cheerful person and I was about to go on holidays - I was hoping she could pay me when I was there because I needed money.

      When I got back after a week I asked her about payment and she was MORE THAN SHOCKED she cannot pay me with money in envelope- I patiently explained why I cannot accept it due to stealing in postal services here by almost every postman. Also I thought we agreed to paypal since she didn't objected and I stated in my topic I accept paypal and no other form of payment.
      Of course, she wasn't so nice anymore and after few PM's she agreed to goto post office, send money to bank account and then to paypal.

      It was on 8th of August.

      I did the same thing on 10th myself and after 6 days I got money on my paypal account.
      On 18th I asked her about payment because I really need money recently - and it was the last time I've seens she was online there.

      I hope it's just me being too wary, but many people haven't payed me, not only on forum of course, or resigned in the middle of my work... and I hope she really had something to do and will pay me within day or two and I wasn't scammed because no matter what I'm sewing it's hours of hard work for me.

      Thank you for any help.
      PokerFaceBjd - hope it will end OK.
    2. PokerFaceBJD was last on the forum 19AUG. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    3. Hun, Im pming you now. :/
    4. Oi, Im also really sorry about the money issue.
      But Im pming you now.
    5. I've decided to post my current personal experience with PokerFaceBjd here after reading wampirencian experience, cause they're very similar.
      I'm really sorry to have to do that. I'm usually a nice and patient person, but something sounds me wrong in this behavior.
      She commissioned me an outfit for a female SD. The price stated was 60$ shipping included.
      The outfit was ready the 8th of june.
      Youcan see it here and here
      So i've sent her pm to show it. she answered that she like it a lot. She asked me to wait for payment..telling that she was doing a collective order to leeke(if i remeber well) and she was worried to make mistake with money.
      I said yes.
      I waited and waited( I've passed a bad period so i was not thinking at dollies thing too much)
      Ater a while I wrote her, and she asked me to add an outfit at the commission... and pay me everithing after the second commission was complete.
      I said that it was possible, but when she told me that it was a SD male outfit, I explained her that i sew only for girls. i don't have any big male to use as reference.
      She insisted, but i said no.
      She did't payed me the ready outfit. when i directly asked her for payment, 'cause i was in truoble with money she asked me to wait 'cause was not possible for her.
      After that I've claimed my payment for the second time about then day's later. she sayd me that she was going to pay me asap and asked me to send money in a envelope through mail.....OMG I've said no!
      i've sent her another pm telling her if she was not going to pay through paypal me i was going to sell the outfit she commissioned me to some one elses in market place, 'cause i was in need of money.
      So she asked me to wait her to transfer money on her credit cardI waited about then days and finally She asked me paypal adress. She told me to have sent a payment and that paypal has lost it......
      She wrote me yesterday telling me that she was waiting for paypal to give her back money.....
      After this today i found this thead...
      And I've became very suspicious about this behaviour.
      I've all pms that we exchanged.
      I hope she will solve it.
    6. Ah, Christ. I serious am having bad luck. (Which is my fault..)
      I'll pm you too, Flo.
    7. I give also public update on whats actually happening.
      I'm a positive person and I can understand that sometimes problems in life happens all in the same moment, this happens also to me actually.
      I don't want to think bad about Junko(PokerFaceBjd), cause she seems a sweet girl, and my previous post was not to offend her, or to talk bad about her. I've read about wampirencja's situation and was so similar to mine...that I thought i was correct to post mine too.
      the only thing I've told her in reply at her last pm is that due to the fact the outfit is ready from long time I prefer to try to sell it to someone else, 'cause i've my problems in life too and I'm in need of money...so I must think about myself. And I've added that if the outfit will be still avaliable when she can pay i'll sell it to her.
      For me It can be a good solution of the problem.
    8. so far I haven't got any other pm's than "I will do", will PM her today
    9. no info from her, was offline - no contact with her at all.
    10. I've exchanged my last pm with her on 28th of august.
      I didn't recived reply to my last pm yet.
      Concerning my situation she's not found a acceptable solution yet.
      so I decided to consider the outfit free to be sold to someone else.
      I waited 3 months and she's not found a solution yet.
      I think i've been waiting enough.
    11. *deep sigh* I had really hoped to avoid doing this....But

      PokerfaceBJD ran a LeekeWorld GO for small items In June link to the go thread the order was placed in in early July (a guess since there is a gap between payment and arrival at this time) and arrived on August 7 but PokerfaceBJD was on a short vacation and promised to send them out when she returned....

      11 days later on August 18th she says she will be sending them all out within the week...the additional time was needed to get proper package materials for the orders

      5 days later on August 23rd she again updates that nothing has been sent out, her computer died, but she sorted out the packing issue and they would once again be shipped out within the week

      4 days later on August 27th she again updates saying she had sent some packages the 26th, some the 27th and the rest would be going on the 28th

      It is now September 8th so that was 12 days ago

      PokerfaceBJD lives in New York.......some of the buyers were in PA which is a state away and Myself and I know at least one other member are in Ohio only one more state away. It does not take 12 days for a package to travel a state or two....we started to become concerned when our stuff wasn't showing up and we noticed this thread. We gave her a few more days and have sent PMs and E-mails and have received on response

      This was a small item go so I am assuming none of us spent a ton of money but the amount shouldn't matter we paid for our items in good faith and the go in total is $370.80....with 12 participants

      As far as I know no one has received their items and no one has heard from PokerfaceBJD since August 27th

      I am hoping this is all a big misunderstanding, but it has been a while since she said she sent them, and she had them for 20 days before sending them, and everyone in the GO is getting very discouraged about the possibility of even getting our items. I am especially upset and hurt because this is my first problem on the MP and PokerfaceBJD is someone I consider a friend. I hope this works out but I thought it might be time to add the GO to this thread....if that iss wrong please delete and let us know what to do
    12. all I know about her are PM's from her buddy from MSN - so without computer no contact. What I was told is that Pokerface does not have own computer but uses laptop of roommate.
      Well, there are places you can use computer iwht internet - libraries for examples and I really hope it will solve because I'm 70$ short :/ And I need it.
    13. Has anyone heard anything from her? I still haven't received my wig from Leeke group order, neither any answer for my PMs.
    14. Nothing yet....am guessing no responses to e-mails or PMs because her computer is broken but as wampirencja said she could go to a library or something to check e-mails and you would think she would since she knows she is having a problem transaction

      hopefully something soon

      (also thanks mods <3 for helping me out with that post before <3)
    15. I'm sorry to know that are also other peoples having trouble with her.
      Since I recived no reply and no money I've sold the outfit to a friend of mine in Italy.
      I hope you all can solve your problems with her soon.
      I'll definately will not accept any commission from her in the future, 'cause I understand that sometimes in life problems happens,and are unexpected...but I felt she treated me like a stupid...not like a friend, and this makes me very sad. I'm a confident person, and friendly...but it dosen't mean that I'm a stupid.
    16. She's banned as I can see.
      Now there's no way to contact her, and probably I lost money [I had to buy special fabric, pay for postage, it took me long hours to do] and energy... :(
    17. Pming you now with her e-mail address wampirencja
    18. Small update regarding the LeekeWorld group order led by PokerFaceBJD.

      Gwydion is in communication with PokerFaceBJD/Yunko, and passed on the following messages:

      On 09-19-2009
      On 09-23-2009
    19. I haven't had any info from her, no info on my paypal too.
    20. I know a few people from the go have received items but not all of us....not me....and I have also heard nothing from her...though she apparently responded some people......

      I doubt I will be getting my items because it sounds like the people she responded too got their things and no one else....