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Paging porkuchi - RESOLVED

Aug 7, 2008

    1. I'm doing this before I resort to Paypal with the issue but the seller hasn't been responded for a while and I'm worried since nothing has arrived.

      I paid for a Puff/Papi Yo-SD head here from porkuchi on July 10th and the remainder on the 21st of July. Communication up to then was fine until the last PM she sent me on the 21st:

      Since then I've PMed her on the 26th, 31st of July and 3rd of August along with emailing her through DoA and her email registered on Paypal on the 3rd urging her to give me the tracking number and also informing her that I haven't gotten anything on my end yet. I believe it was suppose to be shipped via EMS however I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt it may be by Express, however, it's past that time period and I'm rather worried since I've not had any further response from porkuchi. I'm also worried since she has deleted the sales thread to that head.

      Please, please, please get back to me. I've already gave forewarning that if nothing turns up at the end of this week I'll be bringing this up on Paypal.
    2. oops... i think I got this system a little wrong... may I request a paging? (I think that's what suppose to be it?)
    3. porkuchi last logged on to the forum on 30JUL. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    4. I am also trying to get in touch with porkuchi regarding a recent transaction. I bought a Souseiseki outfit from her, but I have not received it yet and I have not heard anything from her since July 25th. I also wanted to mention that she still has the for sale thread in the marketplace for the Souseiseki outfit and a Suiseiseki outfit. However, the pictures are gone now, and she never marked the Souseiseki outfit as sold.

      So porkuchi, please contact me. I am hoping that perhaps something unforseen has happened and that things will still work out well for everyone.
    5. Aug. 9, 2006: I have opened the dispute with porkuchi on Paypal and I am giving her another few days to respond before I escalate further.
    6. Aug. 8,2008: Got a response from porkuchi today and got a tracking number and an explanation what was going on. I'll be leaving the thread as-is until I've receive the item.
    7. oops hahaha : the previous note happened on today, AUG 12th not on the 8th.
    8. I heard from porkuchi today as well. And she also gave me a tracking number for my outfit. She explained what had happened and was very apologetic, so I am hoping that everything will turn out okay. And I will update this also when I receive my package.
    9. I just received my outfit from porkuchi, and I am pleased with it. So for my part of this, I am very happy to say that everything has been resolved.
    10. Porkuchi has purchased Rose from me on layaway in which she has missed payment for last month and haven't sent payment for this month yet. I've sent her 2 PM's, 1 last week and 1 this week and she has not replied to either of them. Can someone tell me what happened to her?
    11. Ayase: When I got the message from her about my item being sent, it seems that she has some emergencies to attend to and had been running and and out of the hospital. I'm not sure if she's still at it but if that's still the case then it seems she has little time to go online and that was the reason.

      I've been away out of town so I haven't got the chance to see if I've got my item yet but I did inform her of this I'd be picking it up probebly a tad late on my end.
    12. sunflowerdoll already PM'ed me to let me know of her situation but thank for letting me know. I hope she'll be back soon.
    13. I picked up my item today; Issue has now been resolved =) (Thanks!)