Resolved Paging PrinceDuCiel - RESOLVED

Jan 9, 2012

    1. I am opening this paging thread, because after PMing the other members of PrinceDuCiel's Luxullia split, I found out that no one has received their items! PrinceDuCiel, I realize that you had exams and that it was also Christmas/New Years, but it is now the 9th of January! You've had our items for well over a month!

      Luxullia arrived at PrinceDuCiel's address on December 5th. She PMed us on December 3rd stating that the package would arrive on this date:

      Thursday the 9th came and went, and no PM was received regarding shipping the outfit I ordered.

      December 12th: Over a week since her last PM, I PMed her, wondering what was happening regarding shipping. I wasn't demanding, only inquiring:

      Fair enough, I know what it's like regarding uni/college exams, I went through 4 years of it. I was sympathetic and understanding of the situation, plus at this point, the package had only been in her possession about a week.

      December 14th: I do in fact receive a PM regarding paying for shipping. It looks like shipping is getting underway:

      This is the last PM I received from PrinceDuCiel. Communication with the people in her split does not seem to be anywhere on the priority list. Honestly, I just want my outfit, or my money back (the entire amount, including PP fees), and I don't want to cause a huge stink about it. Some communication would be really nice, but the split leader has just dropped off the face of the Earth in that regard. Had communication be kept up, had I received a PM saying 'not shipping until after the holidays to avoid the mail insanity' or something to that regard, I wouldn't have even considered opening this thread. However, after PMing the other split members, it is glaringly apparent that communication was not kept up with any of the people in the split. I do understand that school can be time consuming, but that doesn't excuse cutting communication with people you are financially in debt to (yes, I consider someone having an item I paid for in their possession being financially in debt to me, as they owe me my money back, or my items).

      While PrinceDuCiel has not posted on DoA since December 27th, she was last online January 7th.
    2. Hi I have joined PriceDuCiel's Soom Luxullia split as well for the dreaming head.
      Her last dm to me was dated on the 16th of December and since I was busy til the new years, i didn't have time to check up on the status of my doll.
      I have however sent her a pm today after receiving Tallenvyaere's pm.
      Hopefully she will respond soon.
    3. fayerie, because your inbox is full, just wanted to say sorry about that last PM, I'm tired (2:30AM), and hit send in the middle of a thought ^^;
    4. I am one of the split member too. I was in the split to get little Carbon/Luxullia horns.
      My last contact with PrinceDuCiel was on the 17th of december '11.
      I would really like to get those horns, since I paid a really a lot of shipping (Canadien Postal charges o_O).
    5. PrinceDuCiel was last on the forum 6JAN. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    6. I received this PM yesterday, but so far have not received anything definitive regarding shipping (like a receipt scan or better yet, a tracking number).

    7. Received an active tracking numbr today. Will update when the package has arrived.
    8. I also received a tracking number today. Will update too when the parcel is home.
    9. Today I received my items from the split, and they were exceptionally shipped and packed - and also came with a few extremely delicious hard candies. :V

      I consider my portion of the transaction with PrinceDuCielto be happily resolved!
    10. Ireceived my portion of the split yesterda. I consider my part resolved.
    11. :) Finally got my parcel too. O_o tracking never updated, so this was a nice surprise. The horns were well packed and arrived safely. Thanks so much for the hart candy too :D. I consider my part resolved.
    12. fayerie ~ Have you had resolution in this transaction?
    13. Hello, fayerie received her head and has left me feedback as well.