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Unresolved Paging Princess_Tutu16 - MEMBER MP BANNED

Dec 21, 2009

    1. I didn't want to do this but I don't see any other way to contact her:(
      About a month ago (it may be longer, I'm not sure) I traded with Princess_Tutu16: I sent her white lolita shoes and she was supposed to send me Anotherspace goggles. When some time passed and I still didn't receive the goggles I sent her a message enquiring about the number of my package so that I could ask at my post office about it, but she didn't reply. After waiting a bit I sent her another message and then one more. As I did not receive any answer and she was active yesterday I'm starting this thread. I hope that this way I will be able to talk to her > <
    2. Princess_Tutu16 was last on the forum 21DEC. She is now Being Paged.
    3. Me and eight other people are in a minimee GO with Princess Tutu being the GO leader. We haven't had any contact from her either since the 20th (as far as I know). While I'm not sure if we in the go need to worry yet as she hasn't been on the best with communication, I was still wanting to post this just as a 'heads up' sort of thing. : )
    4. Just thought Ide skoot in and say, Im a good friend of hers irl and shes normally really smart about these things, but for the last few months Ive had a hard time reaching her and She hasn't been answering her phone =[ Im kind of weary about this SO ill try my best to get in contact with her. I hope this all works out well. Im sorry you guys >.<
    5. kittyasauras> thanks for the info
      Half.Jak> thank you, if you manage to get in touch with her I will appreciate any information^^ I'm worried that even if the package was sent it is somewhere at my post office and will get sent back because I haven't received any number to ask them about > <
    6. Alright she finally answered her phone. Lazuli, your package is in the mail. Tutu's laptop is ruined so she only has access to a computer the one day a week she works. And today was it unfortunately she was too sick to get there. And also her phone service was shut off I guess for this last month. She says to the members of the Go that she really want's to jut wrap things up and ship the heads. She doesn't want to make any more changes on the heads. And since she only has access to the computer once a week you guys can spend me pms which i will convey to her on the phone the best I can. I really don't want bad feedback for her, shes a great girl. I just think things are hard right now >.< Sorry to those involved. Lets work this out as soon as possible =] Thanks
    7. Half.Jak> thank you so much for the information^^ If you happen to speak with her next time could you possibly ask her when, approximately, did she send the package and if there was any tracking number, please? That would really calm me down, thanks again^^
    8. Lazuli I will try to call her tonight. Phones are always problematic and she doesn't get much service where she is but Ill try my best =] Lets get this cleared up.
    9. Half.Jak> thanks, I appreciate your help
      I just wanted to update the thread. I still haven't received the goggles and while Princess_Tutu16 wrote that she sent them, she haven't specified when or if there is any number I could track > <
    10. Sorry Guys and Thank you Half.jak your a Good Friend
      I am working on the GO with kittyasauras and it is getting wraped up
      Lazuli~you have a PM
    11. I bought a white Pipos event cat from her about 2 weeks ago. All was going well and I paid her in full. I received a PM a few days after paying that she would be shipping him out in the next day or two. I haven't heard anything since and she hasn't been on since February 13th. I was wondering if someone knew her IRL and is able to ask if she has shipped him out and what the tracking number is (I paid for Priority, DC, and I'm in the U.S.). I'm starting to get nervous as I'm a poor college kid saving up my pennies for this little guy :P Thanks!
    12. Tashlan ~ As you can see from this thread merge, Princess_Tutu16 is already Being Paged. She was last on the forum 13FEB. Please update if you receive any communication or resolution.

      How are the other members faring on their resolutions?
    13. I just got a PM from Princess_Tutu16 that my kitty has shipped. I'll be sure to post when he has arrived.
    14. I just wanted to update and say that I haven't received the goggles but I've got a package from Princess_Tutu16 with some lovely BJD things as an apology and I'm safisfied with this outcome (I can sell something and buy the goggles for the money so there's no problem^^)
      I also wanted to thank all the people who helped in this case^^
    15. My kitty arrived today so my transaction has been resolved also :)
    16. And what is the status with the GO members?
    17. If anyone ever needs to contact her and she hasn't been on (she has pretty unreliable internet/computer access sometimes) Just pm me I know her irl. =]
    18. We're still waiting on the heads, but we are getting periodic updates from her; the last message she left in the GO thread was two days ago.
    19. I just wanted to make a note on here that on 2/13/10 I paid for the Puki Pukisha parts (hands, feet, ears, sleeping face, open eye face) listed in this thread: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=345021

      I didn't hear from her again until 2/25/10 when she apologized for not being on in a while and said they were packed and would ship them ASAP and then send me the tracking number.

      I haven't heard anything since then, but am hoping the parts will be here shortly.
    20. I asked Half.Jak to contact Princess_Tutu16 for me and ask about my items. Half.Jak was kind enough to do so, and let me know on 3/9 that Princess_Tutu16 said she had shipped them a while ago and would PM me with the DC number that night. It's been 3 days and Princess_Tutu16 still hasn't sent me the DC number. Tomorrow it will have been a month since I paid and I will be filing with PayPal soon.