Paging Psi

Dec 4, 2011

    1. I really didn't want to do this, however I feel I have no other options.

      Psi entered my Knit/Crochet Swap, which began August 14th, with all items needing to be mailed October 24th. Everything was fine, until the week of the deadline. Psi than Pm'ed me that she had just left her school infirmary after a bout of the flu, and would need a small extension. I said fine. She then posted to the thread (not me, the thread) that she had lost her knitting projects in a forced cleaning of her dorm room. I PM'ed her about this. She said she needed a small extension. Not happy, but her partners said it was fine with them, I granted her yet another extension.

      This went on until 2 weeks ago, when one of her partners dropped out of the swap due to familial problems. Psi informed me that as she hadn't received anything from the partner that dropped out and she wasn't even close to finishing their half, she would finish up her other partner's gift and have it out in the mail the week of Thanksgiving. her partner's gift had arrived to her prior to Halloween. I know this due to the Delivery Confirmation her partner sent me, not Psi, as Psi never informed me she received anything.

      That week has come and gone, and I have PM'ed her three times asking when she shipped her partner's package out. I know she has been on the site several times since my first PM, and she appears to be ignoring me.

      I would like if at all possible to not leave her flakey feedback, though right now I know of no other feedback I can leave her. I just want an answer as to when she's mailed out her partner's gift, and if not, why not as I have given her more than enough time.
    2. The Problem Feedback subforum cannot be used for Swaps. Please refer to the Feedback Guidelines. You are free to leave feedback in this member's individual feedback thread calmly stating the fact that she did not fulfill.