Paging psicomaniatica - RESOLVED

Oct 7, 2009

    1. I have had a Woosoo head on layaway with psicomaniatica for a couple of months now. The last payment I made was two weeks ago on Sept 23rd, and she didn't reply to say she received it. Her profile says she was away till Oct 3rd, but she was online during that time. I have since sent her more pms and emails but have received no response.

      All I would like is to know she received my money and complete the transaction, but I'm afraid if she doesn't reply soon I will have to assume the worst and file a paypal claim.
    2. psicomaniatica was last on the forum 2OCT. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    3. I already pm kawaii_mon, as I wrote to her, I had many things to do and I didnt realize I had so many messages from her. I am really sorry this had never happened to me before. hopefully we can finish this transaction without any problem!!!
    4. psicomaniatica has pm'd me and we are finalising the transaction now. :)
    5. the Head was paid and I mail the package on 10/14/09.
    6. The head arrived today safe and sound. :) I consider the transaction resolved.
    7. Transaction was finish smoothly, and feedback was left!!! Thank you!