Resolved Paging Psycho Sukafu - Problem Transaction - RESOLVED

Jul 7, 2011

    1. I took part of Psycho Sukafu's Withdoll Fenrir split for the option parts.

      Communication was very good at first when the order was first being made, back in the end of February of this year and on-going into the beginning of March. But absolutely nothing since then. I've tried to contact her about updates on the order once in April (that I didn't put a read receipt to), but did not receive a response. I then got very wound up in other things before trying to contact her again toward the end of June, with this PM going completely unread.

      As far as I know, Psycho Sukafu hasn't even been online here on DoA since the end of May. Other Fenrirs that have supposedly been paid in full have already arrived to their owners.

      If anyone knows Psycho Sukafu or a way to contact them via email, since I never got one, please let me know.
    2. Psycho Sukafu was last on the forum 23MAY. She is now Being Paged.
    3. I'm in the split aswell, for the clothes set.
      I tried to pm her several times and also sent her a mail, but no response. (I used the maild adress she gave me for paypal payment.)

      Besides my Fenris split arrived about a week ago and was payed in full in the end of mach.
    4. Still nothing and they still haven't logged on. Nobody knows a way to contact them?
    5. still no sign of them...
    6. Despite being online after many months a few days ago, my PM to her went unread. I had sent another, but she hasn't been online since.
    7. And again she was online (24th of october) but did not reply to any message.

      I really want to get my items shipped out or my money refunded :(
    8. Psycho Sukafu was last on the forum 23OCT.
    9. I've been rather busy with school as of late, so I haven't been able to check back here. Regardless, Psycho Sukafu has never even opened my messages I've sent a few months back. In short, just an update to say nothing's been resolved/looked to on my end either.
    10. Is it possible to have a thread title change to Problem Transaction with Psycho Sukafu?

      I've recently found her page, which I found she has been quite active as of late actually, and even there she has been ignoring my messages.
    11. Hello.

      I apologize for this whole fiasco. There is no excuse for my laziness and poor behavior. Devill's Trill, Reyur; I will be sending you both a PM and e-mail shortly to sort all this out. I will be offering shipping or a refund immediately. I'm sorry you had to worry for so long.
    12. Have replied to Psycho Sukafu in regards to getting my parts. Will update accordingly.
    13. I will also update as soon as anything happens.
      For now: I recieved the pm and will consider this resolved if I either get a refund or even better the clothes shipped to me.
    14. I have received a tracking number for my items. I will consider this resolved when I receive them safely.
    15. I have received my parts safely, everything was well packed. Thank you Psycho Sukafu, I consider this transaction resolved.
    16. Reykur ~ have you had resolution yet?
    17. I recieved a tracking number and since yesterday the status shows that it arrived at the custom office. I will update again when I have the package in my hands :)
    18. The package arrived with everything well packaged and in great condition. I consider this resolved happily :)