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Resolved Paging: qrimkitty

Feb 9, 2018

    1. I've purchased a Volks head and Sweetgale body from qrimkitty on layaway and their last message was on the 26th january when they acknowledged my last payment and told me that they were about to send my goods using EMS which was the service I've requested! Since then, there were no other messages from qrimkitty, and I've tried contact on Wednesday 7th and yesterday but none of my messages were answered or even read. I've bought other things from qrimkitty in the past and nothing bad happened! So, I believe nothing bad is happening this time as well, it's probably just a miscommunication or anything like that, but I'd very much like to be answered! I'm very comprehensive with delayed shipping and I'm aware that there's lunar new year holidays and where qrimkitty lives, those holidays are celebrated, but I just want to hear a word from the seller ^^

      I hope everything is okay!
    2. @qrimkitty was last on DoA Thursday, February 7, and is now being Paged.
    3. hello! ive messaged alois the shipping number !
    4. I've got the tracking number of the package and the tracking is working :) Consider the problem solved! I'll wait for the box and I hope everything to be okay as it was on my last transaction with qrimkitty! Thank you for your answer!
    5. Why am I still paged? TwT