Jan 12, 2008

    1. I bought her El. She's given no contact since I paid in December. If anyone knows her, please have her contact me.:...(
      Mods-Please add her to the paging list? or however pages work.
      Thank you-Sandra the fyrecat
    2. Will you please give us a few more facts - did you buy the El from this Marketplace? Do you still have the thread link? Did you pay by paypal? Do you have an email addy for her? She was last active on this board in June of 2007!
    3. I'm sorry. I bought the El from e-bay. I paid with paypal on Dec 18th. She gave me several links to DoA for pics of the doll and other info. She had really great communication until I paid! She said she was active in the community here.
      I think she's from Arizona. She lists Fort Mohave as a home, but I've also found other cities including Tucson in her LJ and google searches. I was hoping someone on here from that area knew her from meet-ups or conventions.
      Her name is Tara S.... (I'm presuming I can't put her whole name here) is the e-mail I have. The phone e-bay has is disconnected.
      If anyone can help me get in touch with her I'd really appreciate it.
    4. Yes, I see now. Thanks for the clarification! Paging that member probably not going to do much for you - she hasn't been here for over six months. You need to get in touch with Ebay in addition to beginning a PayPal dispute claim.

      Please keep us posted!
    5. Already did both. But I'm not holding my breath on either action. I was hoping someone knew her here. I'm desparate and trying anything I can think of. Really sucks, he would have been my first doll.:...(
    6. What is the eBay ID of this seller?
    7. queen_shiba
      I normally don't bid from anyone with such a low number, but with her links here I gave her the benefit of the doubt. Stupid me.
    8. You can file a dispute with paypal or the credit card company if you paid that way.
    9. I have. (it came directly out of my bank acct) Paypal isn't going to do anything. It turns out she is unverified and has less than 50 feedback score, so isn't eligable for the protection program. So much for the whole 'buy confidantly' bs.
    10. Update
      Still no word from her or e-bay/paypal. My queries on all fronts are going unanswered.
      I was given a link to a Target website for a Tara S who is a new mother. This sounds like her as one of her journal pages said she was married and trying to have a kid. Unfortunately, theres no way to pull info off the site.
      I also went to 85239 where a queen shiba is. Claims not to be her, but lists on the posts-member since 05, but the member list says June 07...
      I have to leave tomorrow morning for a show in CA. Unfortunately, I won't have computer access for almost 2 weeks. Hopefully paypal wont pull anything during then.
      Any further assistance is greatly appreciated.
    11. Well, Paypal did give me $200 back. Apparently she closed the acct and took off 'cause they can't get ahold of her either.
      I still really want to find her. I want my El!!! I travel for a living. I wouldn't mind visiting AZ!
      As a note, I am not a violent person. I would really like to have a few words though. I understand she was trying to start a family and may have a new baby. So sometimes things get messed up... But stealing is never right.

      It was suggested that someone hacked her computer and acct, but I really have my doubts. Why only post one auction? I had alot of e-mail contact and never suspected anything but another collector looking for a new home for a beloved doll. The info provided was just too exacting. Or they were a really great and knowledgable actor.

      Thanks for reading/following/advice

      Any further info is greatly appreciated.
      -Sandra the fyrecat :...(
    12. Well, after so very long and I finally breaking down and posting to family, she contacted me. Seems her (now ex) husband ran off with the money so she feels she doesn't owe me the doll. Since her profile shows she's logged on recently, if she is in contact with anyone here, please encourage her to do the right thing and send me my doll.
      I'll update more if she contacts me again. I would SO love to be done with this.

      old details
      purchased her EL 'Anthony' on e-bay for almost $500.00. Had great communication up to the point she got the money. Then dissapeared and has since closed every acct/e-mail etc as soon as I find it and contact her.
    13. This member is in the Unresolved Transactions group. It is interesting that she has logged back in, it will be very interesting to see if she attempts resolution. Please keep this thread updated with any contact.
    14. Well, She did contact me. We talked back and forth for awhile. She said she was going to send me a lutz Soo, as she no longer has the El. She was supposed to send me a tracking # Friday. It's Monday, no contact, no tracking #.
    15. OMG! I got the best X-mas present ever! Resolution after 2 years!!!She did contact me and sent me a lutz Soo! Her ex was responsible for the whole mess. Even though its not the EL I bought, I'm very happy. She seems like a very nice person who was caught in a really bad divorce. Please remove her name from the paging page and the bad deals list. Thank you everyone for your wishes and support.

      Mods-this thread can be deleted. (I couldn't figure out how) Thanks