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Paging Ragdolly - RESOLVED

Jul 13, 2008

    1. Hey there, I really hate to do this, but I havent heard back from Kisha in about 10 days now. I purchased a dollfie body from her through paypal, and I havent gotten any kind of response from her ever since I bought the body. I was really looking forward into having the dollfie body at my house for a meet up this up coming weekend.. so hopefully Ill get in contact with her soon. However, I have seen that she has been online after me purchasing the body. I understand that people are busy and that things can come up. But Id appreciate some kind of response. And I hope that shes okay and that nothing wrong has happened to her. Ive sent a couple of pms to her as well over the course of this transaction. So hopefully Ill hear back from her real soon.

    2. sent another pm, no reply today. eep. i really hope shes Ok! She has a good amount of good feedback, so Im sure somethings come up. Just really hopeing to hear from her soon!
    3. Just Thought Id Put Dates up:

      Paid Through PayPal Bank Transfer: July 3, 2008
      Last recieved a pm: 07/03/2008 day of purchase
      Sent Messages:
    4. Sent another pm, waiting for a reply. hopefully soon.
    5. finally got a reply back today and she seemed sincerely sorry! she says she'll try to get it out tomorrow! i hope in time for my meet up this weekend since i paid on july 3~! will notify as resolved once the body is recieved at home. *waiting
    6. im still waiting for a reply to be notified that she did indeed ship out the body. I did send her a pm this morning asking her to please reply back to me when she does send out the body....
    7. Body Arrived~ Resolved
    8. Hi!

      Okay, so I have a situation which is partly my fault, partly the other parties fault. I will be the first to own up to my part in this, which will be explained in the body of the post.


      Anyways, I sent two heads to Ragdolly for face-ups back in May. From my PMs, they arrived to her before May 12th. She usually requires payment up front, but was nice enough to let me wait until the face-ups were complete because at the time, I was not working. It took her a little over a month to complete the two face-ups and I had to PM her for updates (she never sent them on her own). I understand that is probably average time for two face-ups, so I'm not upset about that. I just wanted to add it so all of the information is out there.

      Now, I will be the first to admit it took me a while to pay after the face-ups were complete (around a month, I think) but things happen in life. I understand it was only $40, but when that $40 buys your food for the next week, then it's a very precious $40. Not to mention I had quite a few unexpected bills come in, one of which was $800 for a crown replacement and $600 for new brakes. I mentioned this to her and she said she understood (which I think she did). I highly appreciate her waiting as long as she did. I don't think I should have to lay out what I did with every cent of my money, but if it means getting my heads back, I will.

      I paid her on the 17th of July and she said she'd have the heads shipped out on the 21st. It's the 1st and the heads have still not arrived. I would think $10 for shipping would warrent some type of insurance and delivery confirmation. She lives in Tenn. I live in NC. It would not take 10 days, even for first class, to arrive.

      I understand things come up, believe me. Life is unpredictable and sometimes things don't go as planned. I however, do NOT understand why she hasn't at least PMed me to let me know what's going down. She has been online since my first PM inquiring about the heads, which was on July 24th. She made a post in her LJ on July 27th.

      The main reason I'm making this post is because I've had NO contact from her since July 17th. I may have taken a while to pay, but I always tried to keep in contact with her and let her know what was going down.

      I don't want to start a big fight and I don't want to argue about things. I just would like my heads home. With or with-out the face-ups.

      I'm not upset with Tekisha, I just want to know whats going on. That's all.

      Like I said before, I will own up to the fact it probably took me too long to pay and I will appologize for that. but in the end, I DID hold up to my end of the transaction and now I would like her to as well.

      Dates I've PMed her:
      July 24th, 08
      July 29th, 08
      August 1st, 08

      Also, I know people like to post in these threads, but I would highly appreciate it if those NOT involved with this transaction to please not post. Usually I wouldn't mind, but I've seen where those only added more fuel to the flame and I'm trying to solve this in a calm, civil manner.
    9. I was trying to edit the post, but couldn't.. so um.. I hope it's okay to post this.

      I checked her LJ and she responded to a post just yesterday. I left a comment myself, letting her know that I have PMed her three times.
    10. Received a PM from Ragdolly on Sat, saying the package had been returned to her. She said that she would ship it out on Monday via Priority mail, with DC and insurance.

      She also said in her PM that she did not receive my PMs and had tried to PM me herself a couple times (however, I wager that's doubtful, since it said before this PM that she hadn't logged in since the 23rd of Aug and she was supposed to have shipped the head's on the 21st).

      I am still waiting for the heads and if they are not home soon, I will have to figure something else out.... (authorities maybe?)
    11. Heads still have not arrived. I left a message in her live journal and and pmed her, letting her know that if I have not heard from her or the heads have not arrived by tomorrow, I will contact the Nashville police. I've tried to be polite and understanding as she was with me, but apparently that isn't going to work. She has not kept in contact with me, which makes me VERY nervous.
    12. I have yet to hear anything from Ragdolly as of this moment. I will give her til midnight tonight. If I hear nothing from her, then I will be contacting the Nashville police on Monday.

      Please don't post here, but if anyone who knows anything about pressing charges and has done so before, please PM me. I would just like to know the process a little better.
    13. Heads arrived today, in the condition they were sent... except with the lovely face-ups.

      I still have not heard anything from Ragdolly, but my heads are here and that's all that matters.

      The situation as been RESOLVED.