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Resolved Paging Ranger12

May 29, 2010

    1. Ranger12 became a member of one of my Galena splits on a six month layaway last December. She paid her first two payments without issue, but when I PM'd her in April to get her third and final payment for the split, I did not get a response. I have since tried to email her several times as well as PM her. It doesn't look like she's been on the forum since February so I have no idea what's going on and our final split payment is due in the beginning of June. I really hope I can reach her before then...:(
    2. Ranger12 was last on the forum 22FEB. She is now Being Paged.
    3. Hope it's ok to post in the same thread.

      In Jan, 2010 i believe, Ranger12 has a layaway plan with me for about roughly a dozen clothing items (plus a few more she added on afterwards). She paid a deposit and said the rest will be paid before Feb. 2010. I have not heard back from her or receive the rest of the payment. I actually forgot about this until i saw this thread. I am more worry about her at the moment since she hasnt' been on since Feb.

      I still have all her items if she still want them.

    4. Still have not heard anything from this member. Unfortunately, I do have to sell the parts she was originally in the split for. I have nowhere to keep them. :( She did not seem like the type of person to do this, all her feedback was good. Like swan20 said, I hope nothing bad has happened to her. I have sent an email to her telling her that I will refund her in full for the parts the moment I hear from her. I think this is the only resolution I will get at this time.
    5. I just thought I'd bump this since I'm also looking for Ranger12, I have a pair of RealPuki Tyni shoes from a split I ran waiting for her. She's paid for the item, I just need shipping!
    6. I apologize for having to cancel the order as i have waited nearly 7 months and i need to sell these things. I have not heard from her at all and she hasn't been on here for months. I am more than happy to work something out when you are able to contact me Ranger12.
    7. Hello,

      I feel so bad about all of this and I am so sorry it has taken me so very long to make my way back to the forum. Some things happened which turned my world upside down, and I am ashamed to say that I completely fell apart over it. And am so sorry that it affected anyone else.

      I have pm'd all three of you and will get these matters resolved right away if you are still here. :(
    8. ranger12 has contacted me so all is good that she is ok and back :)

      Thank you agian.x.
    9. Ranger12 contacted me and we are working things out. Please mark this thread as resolved as soon as possible. Thank you! ^^
    10. I was also contacted, so I consider it finished with me as well :)