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Paging Ravynscry - please respond regarding prop swap

Jun 24, 2007

    1. bump for this. Anyone who knows ravynscry, please try to get in touch or post any info you have regarding her whereabouts~
    2. INFO

      In total, there were 30 participants, each participant gave her $5 to send out the swap items once she received it. In total, $150.

      And that's not including the cost of around 300 items mailed to her.
    3. bumping this up.
    4. I still need to PM her, I
      ve been on vacation this past week. Lovely.
    5. Bumping this up.

      Has anyone gotten their goodies yet?

      Ravynscry - please give your group an update.
    6. Nope, nothing :(
    7. Sorry guys, I think this is a total wash :(

      I'm going to send a PM requesting my goodies back - seriously, I don't think she is going to come through for us :...(
    8. I'm beginning to feel that way too :|
    9. Same. This sucks.
    10. Ok, enough is enough. Everyone understands that stuff happens and sometimes life sucks. But unless you have been hit on the head and wandering around with amnesia for the last five months, there is no excuse for this, Ravynscry. You took on an obligation and you need to do whatever is necessary to fulfill it.
    11. Will somebody please be so kind as to get in touch with her IRL. I'm sure she must know SOMEONE on this forum, from meetups, etc.
    12. Someone should approach a mod about this, especially since the item value is so high. (150 cash plus 1500 in items). Good luck guys
    13. She hasn't been on DoA since June 26th, so PMing will probably not work. Do you guys have her email or phone number? You might want to try both if you happen to have that info. Though I find in cases like these it's almost impossible to get in touch with the person. And when they do show up you get lots of excuses...
    14. Just so you all know, i was part of one of her last swaps, during christmas. I was told what my person's swap desires were for her doll, i made it, sent it out, and then waited. I got nothing from my swap partner, and was not told who it was. I waited for two weeks, got nothing, and then asked Ravynscry about it, and she told me whe would talk to my swap partner, and then get back to me. Nothing for a month. Then i finally write her back, and i'm told that my item was sent out, and that it should be there. WHen i write back and tell her that it recieved, she never responded back, and i never heard from her again. All future PMs were ignored, and i havne't heard from her again. I know mine didn't involve money, but, it does show the moral of the person involved. All the swaps i've been part of, when someone didn't get a swap, the host of the swap arranged something to get them something so that they didn't make something for nothing.

      Ravenscry started a completely new swap, when she still had people from her last swap who didn't get anything, and were basically ignored when they mentioned it.

      I haven't delt with her swaps since, and i won't again. I hope you all get your money back, but i'd definately not deal with this person again in regards to swaps. It was NOT a fun experience. From the first time i Emailed, i got a ton of excuses regarding family and problems. (keep in mind, this was over a year ago) I finally gave up, and cut my losses, and figured i'd just not be joining any more swaps.
    15. Ravynscry had no negative feedback prior to this swap. I know because I checked before joining.

    16. I hate to be the bearer of bad news...but someone can have a flawless feedback, and then start getting bad ones. Just like there are people who have started badly and then cleaned up their act.

      What's bad about this is she's getting MULTIPLE negative feedbacks in ONE swipe. She screwed alot of people over. Not just one, way back when. She actually took money from SEVERAL people for services or goods not rendered. This is the prime reason i do NOT use money orders, and if i send money, it's Paypal or NOTHING.

      I wish there could be a notice put up about Paypal, and people who request that you wait longer than the 45 days it takes to file a claim. Guys, remember, it's better to get your money back, and piss someone off, than to go past that 45 days, and lose your money.

      I will NEVER EVER wait past the 45 days. Even on ebay. 45 days is plenty of time. This goes for Doll companies too. I'm sorry. I'd rather file a claim in paypal, and it gets shut down because the company/person was able to show proof of it being sent to my addy, then to wait past the 45 days and lose my money. I'm the same with commissioned face-ups. If i've given you money for face-up work, and you take my doll's head, there is no reason to keep it more than a few weeks. If you are taking the heads, you need to be able to only take the amount you can do within a 2-3 week period, and not take heads from people and keep them for 2, 3, 4 and 5 monthes. Those are objects that people are VERY close to. If i didn't get my doll's head back within the 45 days, i'd file a claim to at least get my money back.

      I had to do that to a doll company once. They were approaching the 45 day mark, and i saw no confirmation of shipment. (i also expect a tracking number that works...) I filed a claim with paypal, and then two days later (after the 45 day mark) i got my confirmation of shipment. I at least felt safe knowing that i had not let the 45 days go by, and that IF the doll had not been sent, i would have been awarded my money back.

      also, guys, don't let people guilt trip you with stories/excuses of lost jobs, losses in family, houses burning down, or "I wasn't inspired", etc. Yah, sometimes, they are true. But when u are a seller on DOA, you have a responsibility to the people you sold to. I've been selling on Ebay and DOA for a while now, and i've lost jobs, had losses in family, and TONS of other personal problems. This never stopped me from fulfilling my obligations. EVER. I recently lost my two jobs in one swipe because of closing businesses, and i've been selling/trading/buying on here the whole time. It never prevented me from sending out my products. It might have slowed me down, but i always keep contact with people, and explain what happened, and that's all it takes. Communication.

      There is no option in Paypal for "I lost my job", or "I wasn't inspired to do the work" as an excuse to defend yourself in a claim. Paypal doesn't care about your personal problems, only your obligation. Business is business.

      I hope none of you were out a TON of money...:(
    17. Any news on this anyone?
    18. Apparently not :| I can't believe no one knows her IRL from meets or something, if anyone knows roughly where she stays, is it possible to check with other owners in the area and point them to this thread in the hopes they can help out a little?