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Paging RayRay - UNRESOLVED

Sep 2, 2008

    1. It has been almost 2 months and I have not heard from you since the payment has been sent. i need that wig and this is unacceptable. please respond for once
    2. MiniPyro ~ You purchased this wig on DoA? When did this transaction occur?
    3. I purchased off of DoA around the 5th of July. That is the PM in my inbox that is dated with the price.
    4. Bumps for page.
      I have tried to pm them before to no avail. I checked their feedback and it is all good, save the one I left until I receive the item.
    5. rayray is in the Unresolved Transactions member group. :( This member has not been on the forum since 30JUL.
    6. I recently found RayRay on facebook through a doll group and have sent her a message. I dont really want the wig now since it has been so long and I sold the only doll it was for.
    7. Bumping for resolution.
    8. The transaction with RayRay has finally been resolved after however long. I was able to get a hold of her after she posted in a doll group on facebook what her username was. Through there, she apologized for her absence and wanted to make sure I understood she wasnt scamming anyone. :/
      She sent a full refund with some extra through paypal. While I dont have the wig, I have the money and of course view this as resolved. :)