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Paging Red Rosin (not A Problem Just Need To Get A Hold Of Her)

Jun 12, 2009

    1. ok so yeah red rosin if anyone has seen or heard from her lately could you please ask her to contact me.

      she was in a split i ran for vesuvia and i made a bit of a mix up on shipping out a part, and the peice i sent to someone else is ready to ship to her, but neither of us has heard from her. and i'm worried it'd end up in limbo or something and she not get them. :(

      so if you know her or have heard from her please ask her to pm me i want to send her her feets. please and thank yous!!!
    2. SHE WAS FOUND. we seem to be having a pm problem. *_* all fixed now. if mods could please close and or delete much aboliged. i don't want it to like a mark on her name just cause pms went crazy as there was no problem really with her and a transaction.